Saturday 24 December 2022

Why are the ruling demons globalists/ Why are globalists invariably evil-affiliated?

What explains the strong connection between globalism and evil? 

It might, after all, be supposed that globalism was merely a political ideology - hence, if not exactly 'neutral', then (given the inevitable inadequacy of all political formulations) at least susceptible of being a medium for good intentions. 

Yet this is not so. Globalists are all affiliated-to, and supportive-of, the overall strategy of demonic evil (i.e. the hegemonic, materialist ideology of 'leftism' - which includes all mainstream politics and public discourse).

And, conversely, those who oppose Satan are never globalists. 

This is understandable if we try, imaginatively, to understand God's motivation in making a world that is Not globalist: in creating, that is, a world which is extremely various

There have always been, through human history, a tremendously wide variety of human niches: differences between continents, north and south, east and west... Within nations and regions there has been a tremendous social and geographical variation; and between families, even more differences.  

This would fit with a divine plan that each incarnating Man might be 'placed' in a niche where he would be likely to encounter an environment where he might learn... that which he most needs to learn.

In particular; a niche where he might experience situations that would make it more likely he chose salvation after death. 

And also might have experiences conducive to making the decisions, choices, commitments etc which would best prepare him for resurrected life in Heaven.  

If such variety is therefore regarded as a Good Thing for God's plan of creation; then it is immediately obvious why the powers of supernatural evil and their servants should pursue globalism - because globalism is in-opposition-to variety of mortal life on earth. 

And it is of-a-piece that the actual totalitarian, authoritarian, anti-human, anti-natural, imposed-uniformity of globalism; is propagandized and projected in such terms as 'diversity', 'individual rights', 'environmentalism', and 'freedom'!

Since value-inversion is the most deeply-corrupting of all evils - because value-inversion leads to the inability to learn from experience during mortal life, and an active choice of damnation after mortal death. 

Thus the globalists have (to the greatest extent they can manage, so far) made a world in which there are fewer, less different niches for spiritual development; and where many of these niches make valid-learning and good-choosing less likely, and more discouraged. 

Globalization should therefore be recognized as one of the major tools of evil; and all (real) Christians will oppose globalism, in all its guises and deceptions. 


whitney said...

The OG anti-globalist

Daniel said...

Each of us came to earth to have an experience of our own - unrepeatable, specific, concrete - deeply connected to an historical moment, culture, geography, climate, people, etc...
Each and everyone of us is unique and irreplaceable.

For globalists everything is a mere abstraction. Everything is replaceable and interchangeable. The individual is a mere function of the State, or, the Machine!
It's 'inclusive' because it wants to include everything, i. e. conquer and submit all.
'Diverse' in the same way Henry Ford told people they could choose their car in whatever coulour they wanted as long as that coulour is black. Diversity only within conformity.
'Freedom' like a wild animal born and raised in captivity.

mark in georgia said...

with globalism there is no escape from their law, their inverted law