Monday 6 June 2016

Mass immmigration is a win-win strategy for Satan in a Secular society

A secular society is one such as all Western societies, where public discourse is not framed by a religious perspective and priorities.

In such a society mass immigration is a win-win strategy for the demonic powers because in itself it will (by various means, both direct and indirect) tend to subvert residual Christianity - but perhaps most powerfully by being both symbolic of the underlying despair of secularism, and in its effects encouraging an enactment of the 'death wish' for cultural suicide and individual self-annihilation.

The win-win aspect is because in public discourse secular opposition for mass immigration in this context can only be based upon material and psychological selfishness (since that is the only possible bottom line basis of all secular morality which denies the 'transcendental realm) - in other words, opposition to immigration is based upon the wish to preserve (or enhance) personal wealth and this-worldly happiness. Therefore it will attain political motivation and power by encouraging variants of greed and hatred.

And - a neglected aspect - mass immigration to The West is a win-win for Satan (in the large majority of instances) because it is economically and psychologically motivated and leads to the corruption of the immigrating population by secularism (eg. the evil effects of a pervasive mass media, the destructive effects of economic dependence, and a victim mentality which is deliberately inculcated by The Left in host nations).  

In sum, mass migration into the West destroys both Western Christianity and the Christianity of the migrants.

However, a distinct category is the other factor in world population movements, which concerns what might be termed religious migrants, who remain observant or even intensify religious observance in The West; and who seek to expand their religion into The West.

It is interesting to speculate, from a Christian perspective, why God has allowed this to happen - and the most obvious answer is that (to God) any religion is preferable to no religion; any religion has more potential for human salvation (we are not primarily talking about human health, wealth or happiness) than the currently dominant Left-secularism of The West.

So, given the mass apostasy and anti-Christianity of The West - and its subversion of even Pagan common sense and natural decency - the best available option is some other religion rather than the utter despair and inversion of The Good which is characteristic of all secularism on average and in the long run.

None of this is inevitable. If the West chooses to embrace Christianity again, then (and only then) the Western Peoples would find the loving motivation to deal with the phenomenon of mass immigration in the only non-Satanic way it can be dealt-with - by working not for human mortal comfort and convenience, but from the eternal and divine perspective.


J. B. said...

You seem to have neglected one possible motivation for opposing mass immigration: patriotism. Patriotism, i.e. love of country, which is a virtue not a vice.

There is a wonderful chapter on the virtue of patriotism in Cahill, The Framework of a Christian State (1932).

JP said...

The third "win" for Satan is that mass immigration results in chaos, destruction, death, suffering, and all manner of evil.

Western Peoples would find the loving motivation to deal with the phenomenon of mass immigration in the only non-Satanic way it can be dealt-with - by working not for human mortal comfort and convenience, but from the eternal and divine perspective.

Previous "mass immigrations" were dealt with very effectively by Christians but I am somewhat skeptical that this was in a "loving" way. I don't think there has ever been an army (not a victorious one anyway) that didn't use pride and hatred as a motivator. But perhaps this is excusable when a Christian army fights to defend Christian peoples and nations?

William Wildblood said...

What this post reminds me of, Bruce, is how the Left has stolen the idea of love from Christianity in order to advance its own agenda of egalitarianism and destruction of the good. But this theoretical and perverted love (in this case supposedly directed towards immigrants who are the unwitting tools for their destructive impulses) only exists as a function of their hatred of the truth as revealed in Christ.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JB - I have not neglected it - patriotism is simply (here and now) *far* too weak to be of value - or else we would not be in this situation.

Furthermore, there is a strong *anti*-patriotism in the intellectual and ruling elite which is now in its fourth generation (it became evident after the 1914-18 war/ Russian Revolution, and Orwell often wrote about it in the 1930s and 40s).

So patriotism is not going to be effectual.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JP - Of course, all human life is corrupt to some large extent, nobody should expect perfection - but at present (with secularism utterly dominant) there is not even the *possibility* of a good motivation; so the corruption would be root as well as branch - intrinsic and not accidental.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William "the Left has stolen the idea of love from Christianity "

Indeed - and this leads to evil perhaps mainly because the idea of Love with God subtracted from it, is just a matter of subjective psychology - a transient feeling.

William Wildblood said...

"The idea of Love with God subtracted from it, is just a matter of subjective psychology - a transient feeling."

I think that is a tremendous point. Really the idea of Love without God is meaningless but it sounds good so people use it to seize the moral high ground.

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Sean Cory:

"I believe we live in a world governed by law and that among these are laws that govern human behavior. I suspect that as we examine these we find that many of the characteristics of physical law carry over to moral and spiritual law. In the case of [other religions] flooding into many regions of former Christendom I believe it is a case of nature filling a vacuum so to speak.

"I think I am having trouble with the word "preferable" in your post. I am not at all sure that preference is part of this; at least not on the part of our Father. It is more like action/reaction. Moral and spiritual law will always be with us. We can choose to break these but we must then experience the consequences. These laws and the consequences of keeping or breaking them lie in the realm of metaphysics, about which you have been writing lately. By our choices we can live a quiet, peaceful and abundant life or not. The thing is we cannot escape the law or its consequences (save only through Jesus Christ and then only through repentance and a choice to once again live within the framework of His law).

"Or, I guess, to put it another way: the law will never be repealed and our only choice is who we will have enforce it. If we refuse to have our own minister the law then someone from outside will come in and minister it. And those someones may come with a heavy hand and little compassion."

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Thanks.

@Sean Cory - Ultimately I do not believe in abstract Law - I think 'Laws' are actually partial and distorted summary statements - however useful, or even essential, they may be in mortal practice.

In the best families, there are no real equivalents of Laws - and so much more the case in God's family.