Wednesday 22 June 2016

The reason for Either/ Or Metaphysics (In sum: it is the most important topic in the modern world)

Metaphysics (that is, the philosophy of fundamental assumptions) seems to be a matter of dichotomies: of Either/ Or.

But Modern Man is impatient of metaphysics, and especially of metaphysical argument.

So the idea here is to clarify the Either/ Or by stating the metaphysical dichotomy very briefly, illustrating it with a personal example from my life - and then leaving the choice to the reader.

In particular I wish to expose the fact that metaphysics is non-optional. We have always made metaphysical assumptions - and these underpin the way we use evidence and indeed what we recognise as facts; but these metaphysical assumptions are usually unexamined and often denied.

This is just plain wrong.

When a person's metaphysical assumptions are bad, as is the case for almost everybody in The West, then that person's life will be bad - and what is more, they will be utterly trapped in that badness.

Hence, metaphysics is perhaps the single most important topic in the modern world.    

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David Balfour said...

I have almost given in entirely trying to discuss this subject with others. They regard it as irrelevant and foolish philosophising or just do not grasp the concepts involved. As far as they are concerned there are no "assumptions" just the *facts* of a pointless universe and how it is only expedient to enjoy the party whilst we can. I suppose this just goes to prove your point, however. I can only assume that God will have made plans to deal with such an eventuality and to help humankind beyond this seemingly terminal impass?!