Tuesday 7 June 2016

Quiz - do better than Much Ado about Toys

When we visited Stratford we saw a shop (now closed down) which called itself Much Ado About Toys - which, in a town chock-full of Shakespearian references, struck us as the lamest of the lot.

But when we tried to do better we found it impossible. - i.e. When we tried to make a name for a Toyshop that was a pun on a sufficiently well-known Shakespearian phase that was actually better than the lamentable name of Much Ado About Toys... we utterly failed.

Embarrassing, eh?...

Any suggestions?

(The prize is brief and obscure mention of your name/ pseudonym on this blog. The judge's decision is final.)

Added June 8:
The ceremony
And the winners are - second runner-up is Toybalt by JB; runner-up is All is but Toys by Nathaniel - And the winner is... Play's the thing from Crosbie.

Here is your Prize...

Thank you ladies and gentlemen - and goodnight!


Crosbie said...

Play's the thing?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Crosbie - That's excellent! - will be hard to beat.

David Balfour said...

To play or not to play, toys are the question

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - Well, at least it's no *worse* than Much Ado About Toys...! ;-)

J. B. said...

Just this:


Nathaniel said...

All is but Toys

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nathaniel - I don't get it. Is it "Every man shift for all the rest and let no man take care for himself, for all is but fortune." (Got it from Google.)

@J.B. - Clever, maybe a bit obscure for the masses?

Nathaniel said...

Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had lived a bless├Ęd time, for from this instant
There’s nothing serious in mortality.
All is but toys. Renown and grace is dead.
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Is left this vault to brag of.
- Macbeth

(It's not a very good message for a toy store - sort of the opposite - or clever though, just a literal mention of the word "toys", sorry!)

David Balfour said...

Haha :-)

Anonymous said...

Will’s Toys. Such stuff as dreams are made on.

To thine own toy be true.

The undiscovered toy.

Our little life
Is rounded with a toy

Bruce Charlton said...

@Perfessor - Very droll: "Our little life is rounded with a toy" made me laugh aloud.

Crosbie said...