Thursday 2 June 2016

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance online

The audiobook begins at 5 hours, then when you get to the end you need to return to the start of the recording!

The philosophy is an excellent analysis and delineation of our modern malaise - it doesn't go all the way (that requires Jesus Christ) but someone already a Christian should find it complementary, in the sense of completing the necessary metaphysics.

This recording is excellent (I have it on audiotapes).

Note: The narrator is Michael Kramer, who also does the Brandon Sanderson novels.


Anonymous said...

I read it a long time ago, but I think the follow-up, "Lila", is even better.

Bruce Charlton said...

@dl - ...!

pyrrhus said...

I was introduced to it in the late 70s by friends in Law School, I have read it at least 3 times since then...

Bruce Charlton said...

@pyrrus - I was lent a copy of ZAMM mid-70s following a month's attendance at an Outward Bound course, by our group leader - who had already discussed it with me while on a five day expedition through the Cairngorm wilderness in Scotland.

I lost touch with the chap after returning his book, but he is now moderately 'famous' as Bill Ryan of 'Project Avalon' - look him up on Google or YouTube - he is part of the David-Icke-type 'axis'.

I have reread it many times - at least 10? including twice as audiobook.