Wednesday 8 June 2016

Publication is a tertiary form of communication

The primary form of communication is having the idea (a true, real idea - let's assume), clarifying it in the mind; the secondary form is writing it in my personal notebook - by the time it gets published (as a blog post or in some other form) this is the tertiary level.

But wait! (I hear you cry...) surely the internet is the first, not third, level of communication - since the preceding levels have been private, and there was not even an attempt to 'communicate'?

Well, it is easy to fall into that way of thinking because it is normal and habitual in our materialist public discourse - but my metaphysical assumptions are that there are super-sensory means of communication which are primary; such that I cannot have a real idea except that this came from the totality of all real-and-possible ideas accessible to all humans - the source of all true ideas.

And by grasping and clarifying this idea it is strengthened and made more available to all, by supersensory and unknown paths. These may be entirely imperceptible, or may be more consciously known by roundabout pathways that appear as synchronicities (that is, purposefully managed by deity, but appearing as if these were coincidences).

At any rate, I believe that the proper attitude for a person such as myself - whose main trade is in ideas - is so far as possible to be relaxed about the matter of dissemination: just concentrate on thinking and then 'put the ideas out there' in some way, shape or form... They will find their own level, and (whether directly, or by chains of influence) will sooner or later reach any people who want or need them.

Not forgetting that a man thinking, or - even more so - jotting notes in a journal, is itself a dissemination of ideas so long as those ideas are True, Real and Good.

And if the ideas aren't T R & G, then much better that they were not disseminated.

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