Wednesday 29 June 2016

The David Icke Phenomenon - and Brexit

The leading 'conspiracy theorist' of the Anglosphere over the past couple of decades seems to be David Icke - a man generally regarded as a national joke in the UK, and certainly someone who holds a lot of very strange views on many topics. Nonetheless, he has a large and loyal following, and is able to pack huge stadia when he does lecture tours.

Following my discovery that someone I used to know well has been engaged in similar work, I have been exploring Icke's work over the past year or so, and on the whole I have been impressed. My main disagreement is that Icke is not a Christian, and therefore sees the root of purposive evil in this world as being due to extra-terrestrial alien influences. He is also (and probably for the same reason) allied with the oddball ultra-radical anarchist Left - which is clearly a mistake.

But if one simply substitutes supernatural demonic for alien, and purges the Leftish sympathies - then the Icke overview of global political reality is not all that far from how I suppose things to be structured and to function. In sum, there is something to be learned from him, with patience - and his motivations are good.

Anyway, Icke did himself proud last Friday with his astute and indeed wise analysis of the Brexit vote, its implications and future possibilities - so I thought I would provide a link. Take a look - why not? 'People' will think certainly you are a fool for watching this kind of thing - but then, they already do!

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