Saturday 4 June 2016

Song of the Sea - mini movie review

Song of the Sea (2014) is a really lovely animated movie; lovely in its visuals, music, voice-acting and the story. It is made with a sureness of touch that scarcely puts a foot wrong. There is beauty, sadness, peril and joy. And it has an inspiring and resonant ending.

There is a double aspect to the movie, which has a dominant mythic and fairytale element - and also a modern, psychological parallel plot which I must admit pretty-much passed me by until after I had finished watching and my son pointed it out. I think I was so swept-up by the main story that I had no attention left over.

BTW: I would advise you NOT to watch the 'trailer' - which gives-away about 3/4 of the plot.

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Bruce Charlton said...

@SA - Thanks for your comment. It didn't strike me like that - but I saw it on TV, and maybe that makes a difference compared with the big screen.

(I'm not posting the comment because I want to avoid spoilers.)