Tuesday 24 January 2017

Brexit going better than I had dared to hope

The latest 'setback' to Brexit (Supreme Court stating that Brexit cannot happen without parliamentary approval) is actually another clarification of the issues at stake - if any English people hadn't yet woken-up to their situation, and the nature and plans of the ruling media-bureaucratic elite, then this will have helped greatly.

All sorts of positive things may eventuate - perhaps ideally a 'single issue' snap general election (if Parliament rejects Brexit).

But the short-medium term political outcome is secondary to the absolute and primary necessity for national spiritual awakening.

And all events like this current 'legal challenge' to Brexit are solid gold revelations of the agents of global conspiracy and their assorted puppets, dummies, dupes and stooges... there they all are! - lined-up, on parade, spouting their opinions and plans, hopes and fears...

The English should be deeply grateful for how things have turned-out (or rather, how divine providence has gifted them). Our choice is made stark and binary - each person will be confronted by the need to exercise their agency with an understanding of the direction each possibility is aiming-at.

We now know - because it is being demonstrated - that Brexit is a mere proxy; it is a litmus test for approval versus disapproval of the on-going agenda of nihilism, despair and self-damnation.

The surprises keep coming, nobody has been able to predict anything for months - but this is good, because our state was so bad.

The longer it has gone on, the better the chance that the English people may (en masse) shake-off the spell of distraction and addiction - wake from their sleepwalk into Hell - and come to their senses.