Saturday 28 January 2017

Seven things that must be done, and now

There is a sense of timeliness about some things that need to be done now - it is not meant to be exhaustive but...

1. Freedom
We need to be free because it is divine. Only if we are free can we be purposive.

2. Consciousness
...And freedom requires consciousness - self-awareness, or awareness of the Self (otherwise we are just responding to externals).

3. The self
It is the self which is (potentially) free. Our self is primordial, and also (partly) divine (God within). So we must work from The Self, and that is the basis of freedom.

4. Creation
Creation is pretty much the same thing as acting from our Self - our true, primordial and divine Self - because that is the only basis for true creation. Creation is further defined in terms of its harmony with the divine plan - in creating we are joining God's team. Creation (in this sense) is what we are supposed to Do in life.

5. Thinking
Thinking is the realm of reality in mortal life - not 'action'. This is because in true, real, primary thinking we are participating in a universal world, in principle perfectly accessible to everybody at any time or place henceforth.

6. Purpose
To have purpose requires the above. To do this, not another thing; to act from the Self as a Cause - and not be merely driven and a passive consequence... This is what makes sense of our having purpose in life. It is God and his plans (destiny) which makes that purpose non-arbitrary/ meaning-full. It is our Freedom to join in with this destiny, and Thinking which is the reality of our being participators, not-existentially-alone.

7. Love
So where is Love? Not something fitted-into - but some thing which contains. Love is why everything is related, and not detached; what even makes meaning and purpose possible. And why only in God's creation can there be meaning, purpose and the rest. God's realm is the realm of love - outside of which there is just stuff, chaos, isolated conscious entities.

The primary choice is therefore, to join with God's created realm of Love.

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