Thursday 5 January 2017

The world of thinking

As I stood and looked at the stars; I had an insight that the world of thinking was the primary world -- Not that it was the only world: not solipsism nor idealism: not that the material is unreal...

But that the proper place and destiny is known in the mode or realm of thinking. And only there (in its fullness).

That in thinking I was divine, and that in thinking there were no limits on knowing.

(In practice thinking is partial, distorted, limited - but in principle there is no barrier or constraint on knowledge.)

Of course, love comes before all - and love is also in thinking: love is active and binding in thinking; and this is why I felt such happiness there-and-then. And this love includes those who have died or are estranged: that is a measure of the boundless power of thinking.

But is thinking good? - Is it always and necessarily good?

Well, it may be contaminated with falsehood, resentment, despair etc - which all amount to the failure of thinking. Because thinking of the kind I mean is intrinsically pure, real, good - its concepts are universal and eternal truths.

Anything which is known in the light of pure, real eternal truth is itself true.

That is exactly how we know truth.

(We don't know truth from facts - we know facts from truth)

And understanding of facts (not their 'factual nature') is then the quest.