Friday 27 January 2017

Clarity and explicitness in social communication - it's your job. Now.

Everything nowadays and from now must be purposive. All must be clear, conscious, explicit (including repentance for past sins).

This is easy - but also difficult.

It makes choosing easier - because the choice is between the explicit and conscious on the one hand; and on the other, anyone (any organisation) who isn''t: that has a covert agenda, treats truth 'strategically', claims to be pursuing a good goal in some secretive way. All such is bad.

Our first aims must be spiritual, not material; and these spiritual aims must be acknowledged and taken into account upfront and explicitly.

This will, of course, be awkward and embarrassing; it will be regarded as crazy.

I personally must be clearer in speech and writing - not allow myself to be expediently misunderstood: this is a battle for the soul of each individual and of the nation.

The new perspective must be brought into whatever context it fits; not as propaganda but simply as a matter of honesty and clarity. My own position must be clear - as clear as I can make it (of course, it will be misunderstood wilfully - but that can't be helped).

Why? Because the time is now. What would have been futile or merely provocative and troublemaking a year ago now becomes a duty.

From this everything Good flows - without this, efforts will be hopeless. The actual medium of modern discourse, the mode by which we communicate, is the problem - it prevents utterly and in principle the core problem being solvable; and when people sense that the problem is insoluble they will not make the necessary effort.

Christianity without a spiritual awakening leaves modernity intact - leaves us alienated and lacking in meaning and cut-off from The World. Why should people bother with Christianity if it is only a set of 'beliefs' of the same kind and quality as the pre-existing beliefs? How can salvation and theosis be understood from a world view that is materialist, reductionist, positivist, dead?

Ideally spiritual awakening and Christianity should come together; but if not then spiritual awakening may need to come first - hope of relief from the daily, hourly, torment of meaninglessness and an undead life is (for most people) the most urgent need.

This spiritual craving is what drives the inversion of Good and the sexual revolution and the clinging to drugs and distractions. 

The need should be met head-on; and everywhere possible.

Once that is decided, then the business of how to do it - here, now and by me - can be addressed.


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