Sunday 29 January 2017

What means that weasel-word 'populism'? Does it imply 'fascism' or the opposite?

From the perspective of the global elite, their servants in the mass media and the corrupted dupes among the intelligentsia who sustain them; populism means to be opposed to the rulership of the the global elite, their servants in the mass media and the corrupted dupes among the intelligentsia who sustain them.

And indeed, those who oppose the rulership of the global elites etc. would agree!

The difference of opinion about 'populism' is what it implies...

The question is: does populism imply 'fascism' or its opposite? 

The global elites etc. imply that to oppose their rule is to favour 'fascism'.

But those who oppose the global elites etc. believe that 'fascism' is exactly what the global elites etc have given us, what they approve of, and what they are intending to give us more of.


(I put 'fascism' in quotes, because I believe the term is being misused by both sides - my understanding of fascism is that it was secular anti-communism - a non-religious reaction against communism. Since class-based utopian communism doesn't exist anymore in The West, but since has 'evolved' into the permanent revolution of New Leftism - 'identity politics'/ feminism/ antiracism/ multiculti/ sexual revolution/ political correctness - any modern 'fascism' must mean something qualitatively different from what it did in the past. Also. modern 'fascism' is (unlike the real thing) a label that nobody of significance explicitly embraces for themselves.)


I disagree with all secular politics as inadequate, ineffective and ultimately evil; although naturally - not being utterly insane, dishonest or corrupted - I disagree with the intentions of the global elite etc. much more than I disagree with the political aims of those who oppose them.

But opposition to the intentions of the global elite is not sufficient actually to improve things - at all depends on what is instead being aimed at.

And if the aims are secular - economic, political, utilitarian etc - then they cannot lead to anything more morally compelling than the world conceptualised as a glorified farmyard - an 'animal farm' indeed - where life is merely and ultimately about a choice of defining winners and losers, haves versus have-nots, exploiters and exploited...

In such a secular world; whoever is chosen, or whoever currently is a winner by 'luck' or force or skill...; in the end everybody will lose due to age, disease... and death.

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