Friday 6 January 2017

Quiet - too quiet? Something seems to have changed since Christmas... Spiritual revival?

Things are quiet - much quieter than usual.

From where I sit and walk; there aren't many people out and about. Not many cars, not many shoppers. Internet activity seems sharply diminished - at least, I suddenly have significantly fewer daily page views, and the blogs I look-at have fewer comments. The so-called 'news' seems to be even more content-free than usual...

Apparently, something has happened. What?

My hope is that this represents a withdrawal by many individuals, a withdrawal from the mainstream, virtual reality, media, bureaucratic Matrix-world... that people are making a bit more un-structured time for that most hope-full of all activities: thinking for themselves.

At any rate, this kind of change was what I predicted would need to be one of the first signs of a spiritual revival in the West: