Friday 20 January 2017

Western masses and elites are alike helpless pawns in a demonic strategy of damnation

The extent to which the Global Establishment control the content of mainstream public discourse is by now... well, as close-to 100 percent as is necessary. This control is not just at the large scale; but down at a fine level of micro-management of the content of a multitude of small scale meetings and events all over the Western world.

This struck me as I was examining the forthcoming programme of weekly public lectures at a Northern English university - fully 75% were explicitly on pro-Political Correctness/ Social Justice/ Leftist themes - and the others apparently neutral. And it is the same everywhere else.

Back in 1981 Thomist philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre wrote After Virtue in which he described the ethical incoherence of modernity - and in later books such as Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry he explored the possibility of re-unifying society around a single ethical system.

As well as his favoured Aristotelian Thomism he considered the 'postmodern' radicalism exemplified by Nietzsche and later Foucault - but it was very obvious that such philosophies could not produce coherence; they were riven by internal contradictions.

Ernest Gellner wrote - about the same time - about how modern societies were characterised by functional specialisation among functional systems - but that the 'natural' default was for traditional societies to be unified by a single power structure. So that economics, science, education etc would all reflect the priorities of a ruling class (rather than pursuing their specific functions). In this sense a single unified 'bureaucracy' was spontaneous in large societies.

Well, the Modern West has a single unified bureaucracy, and it has as its philosophical basis exactly the incoherent radicalism which traces its ancestry to Nietzsche, and on back to Rousseau - a negative 'anti-philosophy' of protest against - originally - Christianity and especially sexual constraint.

So we have a unitary social system of morality and it is an incoherent system. 

The strangeness of our current situation is less strange when it is realised that incoherence is a feature, not a bug. What is wanted is a single, global bureaucratic-media monolith controlling everything -- but in order to create conflict.

The Establishment have created class conflict, sex conflict, sexuality conflict, race conflict, immigration conflict, East-West conflict, inter- and intra-religious conflict, religious versus anti-religious conflict - and that is exactly how they want things to stay.

They don't want any winners - they want (and are getting) universal losers: all resentful, all constantly engaged in fighting-off incipient despair with brittle pride and desperate distraction.

This situation is probably unique in world history - to have a tyranny that deliberately creates and sustains and exacerbates confusion, conflict - and ultimately despair; and that is for the simple reason that it is demonic, not human, in its origins and stategic aims; and the demons have never been in strategic control before.

Our world is ruled by supernatural forces that have convinced everyone in power that there are no supernatural forces; with a spiritual agenda being implemented in a world for which the spiritual is a ridiculous delusion.

Until we can recover our ability to acknowledge, recognise and discern the spiritual and supernatural in Life - we will remain what we currently are: helpless pawns in their game of damnation.

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