Monday 6 August 2018

CS Lewis on the inevitable end of institutions, nations, civilisation, worlds... but not people

Edited from a post at Albion Awakening...

...It is a strange thing to contemplate the fact that not only will I, personally, witness the end of all my cherished institutions (indeed, I have already seen the all-but end of them over the past forty years), but also I will witness the end of England, of Western Civilisation, of the planet earth - even the death of our sun.

This is simply because I am immortal and they are not - nor are they intended to immortal; they are temporary expedients, created and sustained for purposes; and when these purposes are fulfilled or failed, every-thing will wind-down and end...

...We ought not to become frenzied about the probable collapse - because fear and urgency are counter-productive; we understand very little of what is going on and almost nothing of the scope and depth of divine interventions behind the scenes.

What will happen I don't know, and nor does anybody else. But I am ever more sure that what we must do is on the positive side.

Anything - any-thing at all - we can do to epitomise and sustain a life of love and creativity; is of unboundedly-greater value than anything we might, potentially, perhaps achieve by our interventions in the mass world of power, economics, politics and generalised socio-political expedience.

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