Sunday 26 August 2018

The Robin Hood (not Benedict) Option

At Albion Awakening; John Fitzgerald has some thoughts on Robin Hood as a model for how modern 'SaxonChristians' might survive and thrive under the yoke of the vile Norman-Leftists.

As a kid, I found RH and his merry men an inspiring model; and in my mind they were associated with the Hiawatha type forest Indians of North America - it was mostly that free, woodland, Arcadian lifestyle I yearned for. There is also a political aspect; in the Robin is the real English folk hero, the people's choice - as contrasted with Arthur, who has a rather more upper class and mixed appeal.

Of course, such characters are prone to be hijacked, and turned against their proper meanings. For example, Robin Hood is made into a proto-socialist; or else the Sheriff is made the 'goodie'...

Anyway, John has something new and true to say about this vital myth of Albion.