Wednesday 8 August 2018

Patriotism versus Nationalism

William Wildblood (at Albion Awakening) has written a good piece on the difference between Patriotism and Nationalism; and how its good to be patriotic, but not (usually) a nationalist.

It is patriotism that is the opposite of being a globalist (ie. necessarily a bureaucratic totalitarian).

I can remember George Orwell saying something similar, somewhere - he regarded himself as a patriot, not a nationalist.

For me, nationalism is a first-generation post-religious ideology that is an attempt to provide some basis for social cohesion; but it never lasts beyond that first generation after apostasy. In The West, everywhere, we are now several generations removed from a sufficiently strong national belief in a single religion, which is why nationalism is everywhere small, weak and ineffectual.

Of course, religion is also small, weak and ineffectual - but at least religion has a record of multigenerational success as the basis for national life. However, religion cannot be used as a means to an end (or, not for long) - so if not just collapse, but purposive national suicide is to be avoided, then religion must come first.

The first question is which religion; and the second is whether the nature of that religion needs to be of a new form or the restoration of an old one... 

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