Thursday 23 August 2018

Why are so few women expressing profound dissatisfaction with materialist Leftist bureaucratic totalitarian anti-Christian modernity?

William Wildblood wrestles with this question at Albion Awakening - and makes some constructive suggestions.

My own angle is that the whole human being is only to be found in the ideality of permanent, indeed eternal, marriage between a man and a woman; in a complementary dyad: each couple being an unique perfection of growth in love.

That perfection needs to be recognised as the ideal, even though (very) seldom (or never) fully attainable in mortal life.

It is our divine destiny as Men - but, of course, must ultimately be embraced only in the full freedom of choice, and with knowledge; hence at an advanced stage of post-mortal life. 

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Lucinda said...

I think maybe women have some difficulty grasping large time frames. I can see the fog descend when I'm speaking to other women and I start bringing up historical stuff. And they always bring the conversation back to people they don't personally know, but are supposed to be presently suffering (on the other side of the world!)

My theory is, and this appears true on the small scale of home life also, that women take care of present concerns across the whole, and that men have more difficulty dealing with the whole, but more strength in dealing with past, present, future in a focused and strategic way.

So their concerns are orthogonal. But this makes women more trapped in the present.