Monday 27 August 2018

Supposing that we are the verge of repressive totalitarianism...

The spiritual Christian perspective is often sharply different from the mainstream hedonic materialism that generally (sometimes exclusively) dominates most people's everyday thoughts and behaviours - including my own.

But they often lead to opposite conclusions. For example, there is a very real and realistic belief that Britain is very close to becoming an overtly repressive totalitarian nation - since all the social institutions are working together to enforce conformity and repress any public expression of opposition.

For example, it has become almost impossible to speak in an advertised public forum for anyone who is regarded as of being against the leftist agenda. It is now a normal daily occurrence for such events to be refused by venues, or cancelled if they are initially accepted; and this is done with the cooperation of local government and the police. At a national level, those against the establishment agenda are refused permission to enter Britain - this has been happening for several years.

My point is that we are already living in a totalitarian country; but most people do not realise it. However, if (or when) things go further - then people will realise it. It will become impossible for many or most people not to realise, on an hour by hour basis, that they are under a repressive system of monitoring and control. 

Now, from a spiritual Christian Perspective, such a realisation would be invaluable! It would be at least half-way to an awakening. So, this is something to be welcomed - in and of itself.

But from a secular, 'right wing' anti-leftist perspective - such an awakening is only of value IF it leads to effective political action to resist and overthrow the prevailing socio-political Leftism.

A greater divergence than this is hard to imagine! However, repressive totalitarianism is - for exactly this reason - a test case of our seriousness about spiritual Christianity.

If we are serious that this is essentially a spiritual war we live in; and if overt and severe repression awakens more people to reality - then it would have to be - overall - if not actually a good thing; then, at least, better than what we currently have...