Tuesday 28 August 2018

Demonic fingerprints on the RCC

I feel that it should not be necessary to spell everything out... indeed, the very fact that it has become necessary to state the obvious means that the obvious is not going to be accepted. But here goes anyway...

There are sins, and there is wickedness, and these are human universals and the only vital difference between people is whether a person repents or not.

But there are sins and wickedness - and then there is the work of demonic evil as it is manifested in human society; and that is often hard to distinguish; but sometimes it isn't hard to distinguish...

And when we are talking about systematic, organised paedophilia - then there it is, unambiguous, and absolutely characteristic - just the same phenomenon as we see linking and motivating the upper levels of the global establishment in politics, business, the mass media... and now the Roman Catholic Church.

This is not ordinary human weakness we are dealing-with, this is not a temptation that the vast mass of ordinary people experience; it is a demonic takeover and redirection of human institutions.

Where we find it, where we find evidence consistent with it, where the ideological links are in-place - there (and this we ought to know without having specifically to be told) we are dealing with the demonic in human affairs.

This isn't a matter for argument; and if argument is needed or demanded - then (so far as I can tell) you are on the wrong side already.

These are the End Times; and this is how things work in the end times. Things aren't complicated; they are all-too-simple, but so appalling that we refuse to believe them... and thus we are caught.