Monday 27 August 2018

Inequality is a fact, it is Good, and it is more pervasive than previously realised

Inequality is a dishonest word - because it merely means difference; but by calling difference inequality, a path is opened towards a moral inversion.

Because difference is a fact - no two things are the same (not even snowflakes or grains of sand - leave aside human beings or social situations). By relabelling difference as inequality - that which is a fact, is inevitable, and is Good - is instead made into an ineradicable problem...

It is a 'discovery' of modernity that difference is everywhere (except in abstraction! - such as mathematics... and of course that is one source of error) - and the change in human conscious of modernity has shown more and more differences; but this knowledge has been poisoned by moral inversion.

The fact is that we should expect differences wherever we make a comparison - and should regard it positively.

And this includes religion - in the sense that we are all God's children, and all children are different - and a good and loving parent loves the differences between his children (and does not, therefore, try to shape them all into identical outcomes; but rather to encourage each to develop into his or her unique good-ness - his or her unique (and uniquely contributing harmony) with God's creation and plans of salvation and theosis.

Not all differences are the same in nature - e.g. the difference between men and women is of a different nature than the difference between brothers - but these differences are real and ineradicable and Good.