Sunday 19 August 2018

William Wildblood and The Masters

My Albion Awakening co-blogger and penfriend William Wildblood has an interesting post at his Meeting the Masters web pages, reflecting on the period of his early life when he experienced communications with these Masters.

Assuming that, like me, you accept and believe Williams account of his experiences - these raise very interesting questions.

At one level, William can provide us with some basic but solid experience-based information about spiritual matters, about how 'things' are organised in mortal life on earth.  For example, his Masters were once Men like us, and this should be an inspiring and encouraging thought.

This 'structural' aspect is, perhaps, the most valuable aspect for us - because much of the information was very specifically directed to helping William and his friend Michael. William was 'naturally', from an early age, a far more spiritually inclined person than is usual in the modern West (and certainly far more so than I am) - and he dedicated himself to this as a priority. Only later in life did William become more integrated to the mainstream, mundane, workaday world. Whereas my life path has been almost the opposite; and I have never detached myself from 'the world' - nor do I have plans ever to do so. 

But the way that help was given is also of interest - in that there was a clear requirement for William's individual choice and effort. As described in his book Meeting the Masters (2012) and on the blog, there was a fair bit of him trying, failing, acknowledging failure, learning from the experience...

All this fits with the general nature of the way things are 'set-up' in human life; and helps confirm that this is the basic model for mortality - that we live to learn, that we learn by experience, there is no end to this learning... But we are watched-over, we do have divine help available.

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pyrrhus said...

Of course I believe William Wildblood...