Saturday 15 June 2019

How should we relate to 'spiritual beings'?

Since I believe that the world is ultimately composed of Beings in Relationships; and that creation is held-together by Love - how should we, personally, relate to such Beings?

Our task, in this Romantic era of human development, is to become conscious of that which is unconscious - therefore the other Beings of created reality.

This means, becoming aware of the direct knowledge of reality, that is already in our thinking

We are in a position of un-consciously knowing by direct intuition (because we are each a part-of reality, and began by being passively immersed-in reality) but failing/ refusing to:

1. Make this implicit intuited knowledge conscious
2. Recognise the validity - the truth - of this intuited knowledge

We need therefore to learn (consciously) what we already know (unconsciously) and to know that it is true.

Thereby we re-establish contact with reality (such as we all had in our earlier development, as young children - and such as mankind had in earlier and 'tribal' forms of society) - but our thinking remains free, conscious - hence divine in quality.

We need to overcome our prejudice, as moderns or as traditionalists, that 'truth is compelled', that truth is enforced upon us - and especially by that which we perceive (by 'facts', by 'evidence'). But that is a child's understanding of truth, and that is to be a passive servant of truth.

Our destiny (should we choose to accept it) is to develop the same (divine) quality of thinking as God, en route to becoming a grown-up participant in creation: this quality of thinking is conscious and free, because to be free and actively-participative (not passive) it must be conscious.

So - how should we hope to relate to spiritual beings?  

Not by 'communication', not by something like seeing and hearing and conversing - because that would be to return to the passive state of child-like perceptual dependence.

(And, in fact, such 'visionary' experiences are anyway difficult/ impossible for many modern people without some degree of impaired consciousness - illness, exhaustion, drugs etc. And then the need for cognitive impairment casts doubt on the reality and validity of visions...)

We relate to spiritual beings as we should relate to the world as a whole; by becoming aware of what is already unconsciously present in our thinking, and by recognising the metaphysical validity of the resulting awareness.

The process is indeed self-validating - if we allow it to be.

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