Sunday 16 June 2019

Remember the Matrix! - an idea for encouraging primary thinking

I quite often find myself stuck in a low level of consciousness. Striving against this, attempting to raise my superficial, passive thinking towards Primary Thinking is ineffective. Not just ineffective but also frustrating and despair-inducing.

It is indeed a classic example of the error of trying to use will-power to 'take heaven by storm' (as if God did not want the best for us) - or the old error of trying lift oneself by pulling on the bootlaces.

Last week I wrote of the helpfulness of some passages by Rudolf Steiner in which he talked of 'reading between the lines of life' - and that this was the place to look for, and find, the divine. My post triggered a beautifully-written and well-expressed response from SK Orr on the Steeple Tea blog.

So, what I need is a reminder - something to put my mind onto the right track; and a thought that the phrase Remember the Matrix might suffice.

This phrase appeals because it puns on the movie 'The Matrix' - but the meaning of matrix here is that within-which something is developed and grows. Thus the word 'matrix' derives from womb - and this fits with the hunter gatherer idea of nature as a nurturing mother.

So, it is my intention to remember the matrix, to recall to mind the background of life that sustains us and enables everything; the primary reality of a world in which nearly everything 'works' most of the time - without which the bad stuff could not happen, because there would be nothing for it to happen-to...


Epimetheus said...

I sometimes wonder if the physical universe is Heaven's perfectly-performed live symphony. We walk and breathe the musical notes of God. Physical reality isn't a self-running machine - it's a perfect live performance. We can play little solo melodies down here, and Heaven will improvise harmonies, orchestrations and melodious exchanges on the spot - hoping to encourage the beauty and purity of our song.

It's a thought, anyway. Music might resonate in our soul for this very reason.

Some people who've experienced near death experiences state that they heard music of unutterable beauty while in Heaven. One wonders...

Francis Berger said...

I am happy to hear that you have read S.K.'s post over on Steeple Tea. As you mentioned, S.K. truly is an excellent writer. His reflective pieces are movingly unique and humble (in a positive sense) and your piece on Steiner certainly impacted him positively, which is wonderful.