Friday 7 June 2019

How to build an evil System

The System has for several decades been much less efficient than it used to be, and is becoming very obviously less effective. And They are clearly Not Even Trying to maintain (let alone improve) the functionality of modern society - or else They would not always be pushing for the 'inclusion' of ever less-competent and less-motivated personnel.

But equally, They do not want The System to collapse. Instead, They want to transform it into an evil System: a System for making people evil. 

So, we can observe that while They could, if they wished, cause a global collapse any time They wanted (the world is so interdependent, the System is so brittle, their power is sufficient) - this does not happen.

What They are doing is to corrupt The System as much as possible, without making it collapse.

In a paradoxical way - the ideal is a highly efficient and effective System - that is dedicated to evil; but a functional system requires competence, long-termism, obedience and other virtues. This creates a difficult balancing act, since the people in The System are ever less cooperative in maintaining it. As the corruptions of evil increase, the declining quality of the participants, and the deliberate corruptions of the organisation, will reduce and eventually destroy efficiency and effectiveness. 

On current trends, and with people as they are; our the future is either a totalitarian System dedicated to evil; or else The System will collapse, global chaos will ensue, and billions of people will die (probably including ourselves and our loved ones).

If we choose to maintain The System for fear of the alternative, we will probably (because this was our choice) ourselves become servants of evil - part of which will probably be voluntarily to perform actions that will further corrupt us (that is usually the way it seems to work). There is no way to opt-into a System of evil, but to opt out of becoming oneself more evil - the first choice is just the first of many such choices.

It therefore seems likely that our fear of the 'alternative 'of chaos, violence, starvation, disease and death; will be used to make us each, person by person, embrace purposive evil. Unless we die first, that is quite likely to be the real, underlying choice for most people, soon.

Indeed, it already is.


Francis Berger said...

I agree with the idea that They could collapse the System at any time, and that They are essentially trying to degrade the System as much as possible without making it collapse in order to corrupt as many souls as possible, but this is more than a difficult balancing act - it is a dangerous game, one They will ultimately lose precisely because they think they can win it.

Their efforts create Chaos. They may believe They can control Chaos, but this reeks of hubris. Chaos tends to take on a life of its own and gain the upper hand over time. The Chaos They are actively and intentionally sowing will become bigger than them and much larger than They bargained. In other words, They are not as masterful and powerful as They believe Themselves to be.

Good people must understand that choosing to maintain a Totalitarian system for fear of the alternative will not prevent, sustain, or solve anything; these decisions and actions may even unexpectedly hasten the collapse.

Perhaps it would be best to make our choices based on the assumption that collapse is inevitable.

Bruce Charlton said...

Francis - That's what I think too. Although naturally I am fearful of the consequences of collapse for me and mine, the alternative is hell on earth.

William Wildblood said...

I am currently in a situation in which I can carry on with a bad state of affairs or else take a risk (financial mostly) and potentially improve that state of affairs. I have to say your words about choosing to “maintain The System for fear of the alternative”, although used in a completely different context, have encouraged me. It is true that we put up with things even when we know they are wrong out of fear or lethargy or not wanting to make things worse, but the right thing to do is always the right thing to do regardless of possible consequences.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William. True, but the key is in one's thinking. A slave can and should be free in his thinking. Indeed it may be easier for a slave to remain free in his thinking since he is under no illusions about his behaviour being compelled. This could be a vital lesson.