Thursday 27 June 2019

How The System (the global empire of evil) has "Got Us"

I am continually surprised at how most people are oblivious to what is going on in the world, despite that it happens everyday in their own personal experience - and indeed, most people are personally involved (especially in their paid employment) with the implementation of lies, ugliness and sin.

But for the large majority who are atheist, it is understandable - because if this mortal life is everything-there-is for each of us; then any glimmering recognition of our stark choice is very difficult to acknowledge. So it is suppressed.

I think we all know un-consciously and denied that there is a global empire of evil. The people who are in charge of all the major global institutions, and the people who are in charge of all the major Western institutions (politics, the military, major churches, civil administration, the mass media, law, education, health services, the police) are in an alliance - they are The System. I mean the single, interconnected, totalitarian bureaucracy combined with the mass propaganda machine that is the mass/ social media.

(Recalling, also, that both bureaucracy and the mass media are intrinsically and necessarily evil things - they are intrinsically destructive of Good.)

We all know unconsciously that this is the case, and we know also that The System is overall evil, net evil - that is it has evil intent - although modern people can only, inaccurately, define evil in terms of cruelty and material greed.

But we also sense, albeit vaguely, that this means that the evil global empire has Got Us - precisely because it rules all the major social institutions. If the forces of Good start to win - the the evil empire can, and will, pull the plug on its empire.

Once the power of evil have captured the leadership of all the major social institutions, they can destroy them at will. Since all the modern world is densely interconnected, it will all fall together.

And if the evil powers are about to lose the spiritual war, destroy the world empire is exactly what they will so. They will pull-down the vast web of law, trade, military, communications; backed-up by armed force and armies of bureaucrats... pretty much everything that is not small, local, familial and religious; and they will do it swiftly, legally, officially, with all the necessary orders and permissions (obviously, since these will be granted by others in the empire system!).

Self interest of the elites will not prevent this 'pulling down of the house on your own head', since the human leadership of the global institutions are ultimately servants-of, or even possessed-by actual demons - who are immortal spirits that can personally survive any amount of worldly destruction.

Anyway, we can observe that humans will strategically and deliberately inflict long-term general destruction quite cheerfully; so long as the inflicter benefits in the short term, and is expecting to be the last man standing - for example, the pattern of lust/sadism-murder-suicide seen among serial killers, tyrants, dictators, gangsters, senior bureaucrats and the like.

My point is:

1. There really is - here and now - a global empire controlled by the forces of evil; I mean the normal, universal, mainstream bureaucratic/ mass media System. That is in-place.

2. Because the evil servants are in control of The System, they will not allow the forces of good to take over The System (even if such a remote possibility could happen). They can and will instead destroy The System (which is, after all, extremely vulnerable - due to its massive interconnectedness, and the vast global population).

3. Therefore; if we accept The System, we are aligning ourselves with evil, we are becoming evil, and we are choosing self damnation. This everybody knows at an unconscious, inarticulate level - but most people deny or reject this knowledge; because they do not believe in God, hence do not believe in evil (because evil is that which opposes God and creation).

4. Those who reject The System and reject evil are - pretty much - accepting the collapse of The System. Because they cannot win. Victory over The System is destruction of The System - and that would mean, for most people in the world, suffering and death.

5. Yet accepting The System is no lasting answer even for those who are prepared to embrace evil (those prepared to make the Evil Deal) as the price of survival and to escape suffering; because a 'system of evil' is a contradiction in terms, and as evil increases, the system will collapse from its internal contradictions.

6. In practice, therefore The Evil Deal is simply to survive and thrive for a little more time, as our payment for assisting the implementation of the agenda of destruction.
7. Our task, as Christians, is therefore to reject evil and embrace Good, despite all the above - and to do so in a Romantic spirit!

We need to accept, explicitly and consciously, all the above (or something very like it) as the facts of our world; and nonetheless to live in the kind of way that Christians are supposed to live - with love and without fear.

Thus, this can only be done, we can only be Good, on the basis of a sure and certain personal faith in the Heavenly eternal life to come which has been promised by Jesus to all who follow him.  

That is more important than anything else; because without it we will not have the motivation to be Good.

Note added: This lovely and inspiring video, from one of the Apostles of the CJCLDS church, captures the spirit of confident hope for Heaven that we all - each as individuals - will need: - H/T Bookslinger. 


Cererean said...

What about preparing for the collapse of the system, and helping to build the small platoons that can survive it?

You could argue that They would just pull the plug before letting that happen. But as the NASB translation says, "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." They could have avoided crucifying Christ, but instead they played right into the Divine Plan because they did not understand the Plan.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C. I imagine that if/ when this happens there will be a positive feedback process from the unprecedented multiple inter-dependencies - so the collapse will accelerate.

With such a population density as we now have essentials will run out very quickly, and those who have 'prepared' may survive a few more days, but will be pillaged by those with power.

Also, while a few sensible precutions are one thing, a focus on disaster preparedness seems to go with an undesirable kind of materialism - it just another 'Ahrimanic' trap, of the kind which dominates.

We all must and will die sooner or later; and the important thing is that we each live our lives in the right way, and learn what we need.

A survivalist attitude would/ does play into the demonic plan, because it would entail submission to the demonic agenda - or indeed service to evil - in order to survive just that bit longer.

So our 'platoons' should (if this is possible) focus on spiritual thriving (Romantic Christianity, loving creation) and not on survival.