Thursday 11 July 2019

Manipulate the masses to demand their own enslavement

What would be best; is a gut-level emotional demand for an urgent bureaucratic response - which entails getting people to 'demand' an irreversible power-grab by an all-powerful centralised authority.

Exactly as is currently happening with 'Climate Emergency' - get some precocious school girl (with pigtails to make her seem younger); and have her make a passionate appeal to the 'grown-ups' to Save the planet NOW (no questions asked).

And Save the Planet by monitoring and regulating a universally-produced, necessary for life, natural metabolite.

And Save the Planet by means that you know for sure will not work; thus requiring ever more concentration of power, and ever more intrusive management of everything: omni-surveillance and micro-control.

Against this manipulation; what defence do the Western masses have?

None so far.

Because they have no stronger motivation than their own (short term) gratifications... And these are precisely what is being manipulated.

Only a religion - or some such cohesive and powerful positive motivation held with long-term and religious conviction (if such a thing exists) - can protect the masses against such manipulation.


Chent said...

TL;DR We are toasted. Try to create a bubble of sanity around you because the entire West is going to hell (figuratively and literally)

Francis Berger said...

Manipulate with guilt, self-loathing, and a sense of sinfulness. Convince people they are a cancer on the planet - that everything they do is net harmful to the environment. Offer redemption, penance, and salvation in the form of green policies, taxes, legislation, control, surveillance, impoverishment, etc.

Manipulate with utopian visions of international unity and co-operation. This issue is something we can all get behind, MUST get behind together, as one unified global force. That's the only way it will work.

Oddly enough, these two approaches seem to be working to some degree.

Bruce Charlton said...

TL;DR? (= Too Long; Didn't Read)... 178 words? As a tennis player used to say: "You cannot be serious!".

Anonymous said...

You touched on this in a recent post... when some entity wants to impose something that the populace would normally reject, the entity creates a crisis for which their unwanted imposition is the "solution."

It's a form of the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis (aka resolution).

So for every manufactured crisis, the crisis itself and its immediate consequences are usually not the goals, there is an ultimate aim of imposing something to "solve" the crisis, even if it is not stated during the crisis itself.

The thesis and the anti-thesis can both be manufactured and controlled as a false dichotomy. They are the "show", the "conflict of opposites", Tory vs Labor, Democrat vs Republican. But in essence, they are both working, wittingly or unwittingly, towards the imposition of some sinister synthesis/resolution, which the grass roots of neither side originally wanted.


Chent said...

TL;DR (too long; don't read) is the Internet way of saying "In short", "in summary". Or I think so. It's very common in some blogs and I know that nobody will remember it in ten years.

Geir said...

The neo-pagan religion lies behind this massive belief in the lies of the UN and the climate mafia. It so happens that it fits with Rousseau's statement that evil came into the world with the civilization, and they will stop at nothing except destroy civilization. It's completely evil to demonize CO2, so there you recognize them.