Thursday 4 July 2019

Who wants freedom? You should.

Who really wants freedom? Well I do, and I long have wanted it - and that is what makes me recognise that I am a rare outlier.

Of course, there are endless and (by design) inconclusive debates about what freedom 'really' is; but these are only relevant if you want it. And extremely few people do - judging by their lives and decisions; by the choices they make, how they spend their time, how much time they free-up to spend.

Yet freedom is at the heart of why we are in this mortal life; because freedom is an attribute of deity and our destiny (if we choose it) is to become more divine, including more free.

Rudolf Steiner's magnum opus is called The Philosophy of Freedom, and it gives an idea of what this freedom means and why it is an attribute of deity. And we already are deities - in embryo; we are children of God, we have God in each of us. The long term project is to become more godlike, and for this deity to increase in scope.

Deity is essentially a creative thing, and creativity is based upon love (love is the cohesion of reality) - and creativity is an aspect of freedom - that's how freedom fits into the scheme. For your creativity or mine to be of value to God's creation; our creativity must be free - that is, our creativity must come from that within each of us that is both divine and unique.

So, that is the importance of freedom, and what it is 'for'. And if you are not concerned by freedom, then you ought to be - because not to be concerned about freedom, is not to be concerned about your reason for being.

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