Sunday 14 July 2019

Why we need to be consciously and explicitly pro-God

We can only Join Heaven, because it is not a place or a state of mind but a creative endeavour. To be in Heaven is to be joined in this creative endeavour... Which means pointed in the right direction, together.

We each have our inner guidance system. Ultimately, these can only be aligned by love. Love is what binds us and creation is the project.

Creation is the direction of Heaven - so Heaven entails the reality of time (linear, sequential, irreversible).

In a world in which, increasingly, opposition to Heaven is both explicit and systematic; there needs to be an explicit (inner) embrace of the goal of eternal creation and family.

Explicit evil, directed against Good, requires an explicit (self conscious) rejection... and then what?

Rejection needs to be followed by consciously chosen affiliation to the project of Heaven - That is the direction. We need to turn in That direction, and to take steps aiming at it.

Albeit we cannot clearly see the destination and there will be stumbles, zig zags, blind ends. But when we know the reality of inner guidance, love, creation and have Chosen that direction, and Know we have chosen it; it will suffice as a basis for living.

And then we can get on with it.

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