Sunday 3 November 2019

How the Leftist agenda systematically crushes intuitive thinking

Intuition is spontaneous - in the sense that it emerges from our true self. And - if you word search this blog for such terms as Intuition, Primary Thinking or Final Participation - you will see that I regard nothing as more important (here and now) than the development (and thus takeover from childhood instinct and adolescent intellect) of spiritually grown-up, intuitive thinking.

Why doesn't intuition just happen - when we want it; why is it so difficult?

One difficulty is that intuitive thinking must be consciously chosen - it doesn't just happen. But given it is possible, why is it is so very difficult - when my assumption is that this evolutionary development of consciousness is our divine destiny?

Leftism is a big reason; because Leftism blocks our spiritual development (as well as blocking real Christian faith). And Leftism blocks our spiritual development by crushing intuitive thinking.

Consider what Leftism does? It takes a spontaneous, unconscious, and correct intuition - then labels it as evil. Differences in ability and personality between social classes; differences between men and women and the identity of man or woman; recognition and classification of racial distinctions; the ethic of favouring family over non-relatives - or favouring natives and neighbours over foreigners and strangers... all these are examples of intuitions which Leftism simultaneously denies and demonises.

Leftism is indeed a systematic denial of our intuitions, in one area of life after another: first by subversion (inducing uncertainty), then denial (i.e. destruction), ultimately by inversion (so that we are induced to believe and act-upon the opposite of whatever intuition tells us).

(Once Leftism has stabbed us with deep lies, it delights in twisting the knife by mandatory stark contradictions - asserting that there are no differences between the sexes or races; yet simultaneously different... for instance women and non-whites are are superior in desirable attributes. Yet when such superiorities are accepted, then denial of any differences -and the evilness or noticing them - is recommenced. And so on...)

This crushing of individual intuition is how Leftism enforces the Ahrimanic evil of bureaucracy - and (by intent) transhumanism.

How may it be overcome, and intuition validated? The answer is: by bringing all the processes to awareness.

Intuitions begin as spontaneous and unconscious. These are then 'unmasked' by Leftism, mocked and vilified.

The proper response is to thank Leftism for having helped make conscious, and therefore free, that which was previously unconscious and therefore unfree.

Once we are aware of the reality and nature of our intuitions - something assisted by Leftism's organised, sustained and focused attempts to crush them - then we are able to choose to adopt intuitive thinking from the full agency of our true selves.

Probably, this is the divinely-intended role of Leftist thinking - as a temporary clarification and conscious-making our previously unexamined (because unconscious) assumptions. Our culture has become stuck in what was intended to be a brief temporary phase.

For us to mature spiritually towards divinity, and to move towards Final Participation characteristic of Heavenly life, this development of intuitive consciousness is necessary. Yet so long as a person (or group) makes Leftism the primary ideology; such a vital development will be blocked.

The West is a case of arrested spiritual development - bereft of the deepest source of wisdom and courage; with potentially lethal consequences including nihilism, demotivation and suicidal despair.

Hence - in a world already and increasingly dominated by Leftism in all aspects of public/ institutional discourse and life - we have become individually and collectively crazy and evil. For us the realistic choice is intuition or hell.  


TonguelessYoungMan said...

Intuition does come unbidden, once you remove all obstacles in it's way.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TYM - But that is exactly what we *can't* do. e.g. The obstacles include the global network of linked bureaucracies (government, workplace, etc) and the global mass-social media. We need intution now (here and now) yet these obstacles cannot be removed by anything that any individual can do. We need intuition in a way that *eludes* the obstacles; and the process must be conscious - otherwise it would already have-happened.

William Wildblood said...

"Consider what Leftism does? It takes a spontaneous, unconscious, and correct intuition - then labels it as evil. " A perfect summing up of why leftism is evil.

Often people think, when you say such a thing, that you are mad. Even if they think themselves on the right they would still not see this. That's because you need a spiritual perspective to see evil. Without that you are completely in the dark about what good and evil really are.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William, "Even if they think themselves on the right they would still not see this. "

Yes. This is because those who self-identity as Right, but who are Not (genuinely, not as 'liberals') religious, are actually of-the-Left (almost always). That is, their ethic is this-worldly, materialist, hedonic - i.e. Leftist.

I found the insight of this post to be something new to me, as stated - I hadn't previously recognised Lftist doctrines as strategically and designedly anti-intuitive.

Bruce Charlton said...

Note - William WIldblood has - synchnronistically - written on this theme on his blog - recommended: