Monday 4 November 2019

Why it isn't "OK to be white" (or, Choose Your Conspiracy)

In a recent series of stunts, apparently some posters and flyers saying "It's OK to be white" were placed around various US college campuses and created immediate and extreme hostile responses from the Establishment and their representatives.

This created some amusement at the idea that the response indicated what we already all should have known, that for the mainstream socio-political leadership, it is not OK to be white in the modern West.

(At least, not unless you are one of the Establishment, above the laws and rules: plenty of them are white. But it is not OK to be white if you are one of the masses, the little people; who have laws and rules enforced-upon them.)

But looked at more honestly, the incidents show what we all ought to know, that we all interpret language is merely a signal of what we infer to be the underlying attitude and motivations.

These notices were instantly interpreted as merely a surface signal of a set of underlying assumptions that the Establishment - correctly - regarded as hostile to its Leftist totalitarian agenda. Which is exactly what they were! So the focus upon what the words state is disingenuous.

Likewise, when the Establishment are pushing concepts such as equality, diversity, and inclusion - we ought to be aware that these terms and expressions are meaningless in themselves - but are merely a signal for an underlying agenda which has been unfolding rapidly for the past several decades.

Likewise, when the mass media are pushing a particular story, and it does not matter which one, we ought to be aware that the facts are irrelevant (and always selective, and mostly false or distorted) because this is merely a signal for an underlying agenda which has been unfolding for the past several decades.

In other words the Establishment are always and everywhere (when functional) 'conspiracy theorists' - and everybody ought to be a conspiracy theorist - because that is the way the world works. The significant societal world is one of deep strategies.

People who focus on specific words, or specific laws, or micro-defined issues - are merely doing this tactically to pursue their own Big Agenda, their own conspiracy - or else they are making a mistake.

And to deny this is a world of long-term strategies, and that we ought Not to do it; to take things at surface value and issues in a detached manner, is merely to be socially incompetent - to be a dupe of conspiracies and a tool of someone-else's long-term strategies.

So it is a case of Choose Your Conspiracy - because conspiracy is the only game in town. It is the Unseen Warfare of this world - it is the spiritual battle to which we are all called. 

(Note: My conspiracy is Romantic Christianity.)


Francis Berger said...

I subscribe to your conspiracy!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Well of course I know nothing about you - ahem - but if you submit a detailed application to the (vast) international secret organisation of Romantic Christians, then we will let you know whether you have been successful (at the lowest level of the initiated hierarchy, naturally) - and then you will be permitted to subject yourself to the arduous (and dangerous) initiation ceremony...

Joseph A. said...

This is obvious . . . but why do so few people grasp the obvious? Brilliance today consists of refusing to be blind, even if for a moment.