Sunday 1 May 2022

From gut-feelings, instinct and the unconscious; to the consciously understood and chosen

One way of understanding the evil that dominates this world, now; is in terms of various unconscious instincts - or 'gut feelings' - that have arisen in more and more humans over the past few hundred years - and the ways in which these 'new' unconscious instincts have been brought into culture. 

The corruption that now dominates the world, has successfully grown over the past couple of centuries (in particular), by taking advantage of these recently-developed 'gut-feelings' - and distorting them to evil while acknowledging them and bringing them into psychological, cultural and political manifestation. 

For example, there are 'new instincts' that have to-do-with each individual person being the proper basis of his own ultimate spiritual destiny ('individualism' of conscience and understanding) - which are also related to a belief that in this respect all Men are alike, therefore each is (and ought to be) his or her own master. 

The churches of the world (Christian and, so far as I know, other), have, by contrast, either broadly denied the reality of these (and other) 'new instincts' - and regarded them as intrinsically evil (the 'traditional' response). Or else the churches have accepted the secular and materialist interpretations of these instincts, and changed the religions accordingly (the 'liberal' response).

So; these new instincts to do with the individual and his relation to his soul, have been materialized into various leftist doctrines and philosophies - socialism, feminism, antiracism etc. 

My understanding is that what was going-on has been that a genuine (and very widespread) change in Men was of unconscious and unarticulated nature - and Men became aware of it by being told its implications were socio-political in nature. 

Therefore, Men look to the satisfaction of these new instincts in terms of changes in 'society'. 

Yet, these new changes to Man's 'gut feelings' cannot be satisfied by external socio-political material changes of any possible type - because the 'new instincts' are in fact individual and spiritual in their nature; and seek gratification in terms of the spiritual. 

And, what is much worse than the social-material just not-working as a satisfaction, is that this has become an open-ended method of manipulating people into evil. Since the leadership class became substantially corrupted into leftist-materialism (which happened by the early 1900s in Britain); the mass of people have been led-by-the-nose into greater and greater evils in pursuit of an ever-receding world in which (it is asserted) 'social justice' will at-last satisfy these powerful new instinctive yearnings. 

Meanwhile, this corruption has been more-and-more evident to the shrinking and weakening traditionalists among the churches - until indeed the outcomes (and, even more so, aspirations) violate basic common sense and biological functionality... 

But too-late; because the externalization and objectification of these new instincts has become so complete that people now take all their interpretations from externally (as their way of participating in life 'outside' their own thoughts in a world where God and spirit are regarded as subjective wishful thinking only). 

As culture has become more-and-more completely monolithic and centrally-controlled; and as the central control has become more-and-more demonic (anti-God, anti-creation) in its motives and plans; thus has corruption proceeded. 

And the traditionalist churches have looked on helplessly - in effect self-crippled by their incapacity to acknowledge the change in human consciousness, in human nature; and thus without the capacity to win many arguments except logically and leaving-out the heart. 

My contention is that the way out from this impasse is by rendering the unconscious conscious, and by recognizing the need to regard the inner and chosen as essential and the external and imposed as secondary. 

This, in turn, requires an explicit metaphysical explanation. It is not enough to leave instinct unexplained, it is not enough to operate at the level of gut-feelings, of 'psychology'. 

Instead, the whole needs to be related to God's plans for the world as a whole and for each of his children in their mortal lives - which itself entails an explicit explanation in terms of the primacy of children, as a multitude of individuals.

Modern Man is to be saved as an individual, not as 'a people' - as of Now; this socio-political world is ultimately merely the sum of individual salvation quests and conflicts: the Real Action of our times is 'located' in each Man's heart; and the task is to understand this consciously and make the choice in accordance with God and creation.

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