Wednesday 18 May 2022

Why dwell on Global Establishment evil, when there's "nothing we can do about it"?

When considering the deliberately-evil plans of the Global Establishment; I think that a common - indeed usual - reaction is some version of asserting that there is no point in thinking-about or dwelling-upon such matters; because at the end of the day We have no power and cannot stop Them. 

At the material level; this is broadly correct. 'They' now have installed demon-affiliated leaderships of nearly all the nations of the world, and powerful bureaucracies, corporations and institutions. 

This anti-God, anti-divine-creation leadership class support each-other with slavish obedience; and are by-now almost completely insulated from influence and control by the masses and by any individual dissenting persons. 

It is trivially easy for them to destroy and induce chaos; and if they continue on this path - some kind of Giga-death apocalypse will surely happen, accelerate and lead to unprecedented collapse - if not today or next week, then sometime not too distant.

However; is not really believable that this can be prevented by any plausibly-possible action on behalf of individuals or (or realistically-possible groups).

(Indeed - although this is not for us to decide; it may be that (in an ultimate and spiritual sense) even a gross and horrific global collapse would be better than the kind of Hell-on-Earth future that the Establishment intend for Us.)  

So it is certainly tempting, and seems like common sense - to ignore (so far as we can - and with modern technology this may be very far indeed) the fact that the world is ruled-by evil-motivated leaders. 

And, in practice; ignoring such a vast and ramifying fact amounts to denying its truth implicitly. If we do not interpret the leadership-class's activities as intentionally-evil - then we misunderstand our world profoundly. 

Therefore; ignoring the reality and nature of the Global Establishment amounts to accepting its ideology: agreeing-with its picture of our world, about what matters most, and what 'ought to' (or 'must') be done. 

This normal and common notion that "After all I can do nothing about it" seems then to lead either to assimilation to evil - or else to despair (which is, for Christians, itself a sin). Thus the choice before us seems to be either to join-in with the System and 'make the best of life'; or else to despair, be utterly miserable, and give-up on life... 

This is why I think it is so vital that we have a spiritual - rather than 'utilitarian' understanding of Establishment evil; why we need to recognize that their real aim is mass damnation; rather than the more proximate and obvious material intentions such as mass misery, suffering and death.  

And because the motivation of evil is primarily spiritual - it makes more sense that our response and resistance to evil be primarily spiritual: be rooted-in the spiritual. 

In other words; our primary duties are to discern and recognize spiritual evil, and to understand when it is operative in our lives. Only after this, after we know the nature and presence of evil; can anything like resistance become possible. 

And then we will realize that in a spiritual war, our own personal spiritual state and choices are actually The Front Line of conflict

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cae said...

I think this is one of the most important posts you've done recently!

Like you, I have suffered from chronic health conditions for over ten years. Some 2 or 3 years ago, I was troubled by guilt/shame that (as a Christian) I was not actively doing anything to 'be Christ's love in the world', as a sacrament or way to honor/glorify God..

Then while contemplating/praying about this one day, I got a very strong insight, which I do believe was from The Holy Spirit...

Basically it was along the lines of what you've written in this post - that we 'should not' ignore or refuse 'to know' the truths of all the evils going on in the world, despite that we cannot 'actively do anything' about them...
...rather we should stay informed and - thru prayer - 'fight' on the spiritual level.

The difficulty is knowing 'what' to pray - and over time, I've found that (most often) if I set myself to praying in response to some particular "establishment evil" which shows up in my preferred (non mainstream) news sources, I will find myself spontaneously praying in some specific, intuited 'direction'...

I'm sorry, I haven't explained very well - I hope the gist of the above is understandable.

The primary point I wanted to make is that in response to the question "Why dwell on Global Establishment evil, when there's "nothing we can do about it"?"...

...Prayer is the 'something' that "we can do about it", and it's necessary to "dwell"/stay informed (on such "Global" evils) in order for Holy Spirit to provide the intuition/guidance as to particulars of prayer 'needed' at any given time.