Friday 20 May 2022

The world is married to a Psycho Hose Beast; or, how come people didn't notice the 2020 global coup; or, why Men won't wake-up to reality

I had a friend once who told me that he had just begun dating a girl, and they were having a conversation in the bar at the hall of residence where they both resided. 

In course of discussion; she told him the 'funny story' of an ex-boyfriend of hers: that when he broke-up with her she went into his room and threw all his stuff out of the window onto the ground far below. 

My friend said that was very interesting, and asked to be excused for a moment (implicitly to go to the toilet); went upstairs and locked his room, left the building for the rest of the evening, and never spoke to that girl again. 

There are some things that tell you what kind of a person you are dealing with; and these things need to be recognized, acted-upon, and remembered; if you are to avoid being married to a Psycho Hose Beast

A Psycho Hose Beast may be attractive, may provide some of the things you most want in a relationship - but the fact remains that that is what she is. A PHB cannot avoid being what she is, and therefore there are always early-warnings - like that 'funny story' of the ex-boyfriend. 

(Just as there are always early-warnings in the analogous situation when a women is dealing with a Right Man.) 

These early warnings are, in fact, a revelation of character. And character is... characteristic, distinguishing, integral, definitive of the nature of a person or entity...

The worldwide events of early 2020 were like that. So were the events in the UK for a few days following the Brexit vote of 2016, and in the US just after Trump was elected president later the same year. 

These (and other Litmus Test issues) are revelations of character - the character of the ruling Establishment and its System. 

Thus the Global Establishment-driven transagenda - with its mandatory and celebrated policy of poisoning, mutilating and irreversibly sterilizing as many children as possible - is not some kind of 'accident' or peripheral matter, but characteristic of our society, our 'civilization'.

These principles and events need to be recognized, acted upon and not forgotten; but it is clear that most people did not recognize the 2020 coup at the time - but instead wholly accepted the birdemic cover story as a complete explanation for sudden, instant, universal totalitarianism.

And having failed to notice the biggest event in world history (i.e. the silent international coup to install a world government) - these people naturally do not take any significant action to disengage psychologically and spiritually; they fail even to remember 'what it was like'.

And indeed they have ended-up married to the Psycho Hose Beast that is The System.  


steve said...

So the govt is Amber Heard and that's why all sane people are rooting for Johnny Depp.

Bruce Charlton said...

@steve - I would say that all the sane people are *ignoring* this story!