Monday 30 May 2022

It is a Big problem that the major Christian Churches/ Church leaders don't repent for what they are doing Now (except when it is a fake sin)

As of 2022; the major Christian Churches are large bureaucracies, which - to survive - must sin (really sin) again and again, strategically and systematically. 

Churches must sin at least by dishonesty - that is by lies, distortions, expedient omissions - and also (which is worse) by deliberate misleading: by saying one thing in a legalistic sense, but intending that it be misunderstood by the laity and/or mass media. 

The Christian Churches must sin to survive; because they are necessarily engaged with the demon-affiliated, global evil totalitarian System by multiple links...

Churches are employers and must comply with employment law, they are involved with the tax system and must comply with these regulations, they engage in buying and selling and must satisfy accountancy rules, charities and must satisfy the demands of these authorities, they obey the legal system and comply with police (for instance with respect to the birdemic)... and in many, many other ways each Church are a-part-of The System. 

All these rules, laws, regulations, practices are - by now - deeply imbued with the evil, incoherent, dishonest (and Satanically-allied) practices of the Establishment.

The System is evil - by intent and motivation - the Churches are part of The System; thus the Churches are components of strategic evil. 

Therefore, the Churches - presumably via their leaders - absolutely need to repent for their many sins (being committed daily, hourly, continuously) that enable them to continue to exist. 

Yet they do not repent, indeed they utterly ignore such sins t0 the point that leaders and laity alike seem aware that they even are sins. 

Instead, all the major Christian Churches endorse one or several of the leftist Litmus test issues by which The System pursues its evil agenda. 

Instead the Churches officially, and by their leaders' statements, 'apologize' and supposedly-repent-for fake non-sins such as 'racism - as defined in 2022; and for past sins committed by other people - and they do so in a way that is prideful and (again) dishonest.

(As always, lies breed lies, sin compounds...) 

The major Christian Churches are (as organizations, as people) thus - systematically, not accidentally - in a state of always-worsening (because neglected), unacknowledged, denied hence un-repented sin.

And sin feeds-upon sin...

No wonder that the Christian Churches are as-they-are!


Karl said...

Is it possible to repent and still continue doing whatever is repented? I think not. If they were to repent what they have done, they would stop immediately.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - "Is it possible to repent and still continue doing whatever is repented? "

Of course it is possible. That's just the normal human condition, it is the situation of this mortal life.

It is very rare to be able to prevent ourselves from even a particular sin, leave aside all sins. Especially when you consider that the very worst sins include fear, spite, and despair - how could we cease from them?

Jesus came to save sinners, not perfect Men.

Salvation comes from following Jesus, not from behaving fully in accordance with The Law.

The problem is when we do not acknowledge sin, say it is not sin, promote it as virtue etc: that is what is corrupting. And the problem (I assume) comes after death - when we are called upon to choose. To enter Heaven we must first want to, and second want it enough to repent our sins and be 'cleansed' of them.

Heaven is a place of love; and our commitment to live by love must be permanent, therefore needs to be transformative.

But this mortal life is a place of learning.

Karl said...

Very good answer. I had focused too much on the doing side and neglected that emaotions like fear, spite, and despair can also be sinful. Nonetheless, I want to add that sin involves voluntary doing, and we often cannot choose an emotion willingly; maybe not in the case of spite, but certainly in the case of fear. Some emotions are instinctive and do not involve choice.

Anyway, and further thought I agree that it is possible to repent and still keep doing a sin again and again. Simply because everyone must sometimes sleep. So man might regret what he did today and still do the same tomorrow.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

"Churches must sin at least by dishonesty - that is by lies, distortions, expedient omissions - and also (which is worse) by deliberate misleading: by saying one thing in a legalistic sense, but intending that it be misunderstood by the laity and/or mass media."

And this is why they cannot publicly repent. To repent of a lie is to admit that it was a lie and thus to speak the truth. If it is true that they must lie to survive -- cannot speak the truth -- then it is also true that they cannot publicly repent of those lies.

They cannot, for example, give lip service to modern "anti" racism and then publicly repent for doing so. If they could do that, they would never have needed to lie in the first place.

In general, it is "possible to repent and still continue doing whatever is repented," but dishonesty may be the one exception. To publicly repent of a lie is to take away one's ability to continue telling that lie in a convincing way. One can and will continue to be dishonest in other ways, of course, but that particular lie is no longer really an option.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm. That seems to be true, at least at the large scale and 'in public'; and if so it means that churches have become inverted anti-churches in opposition to God. Which seems to be the case. It would then seem vitally important that all Christians should recognize and acknowledge this state of affairs. But that does Not seem to be the case..

Thomas said...

The behavior of the CJCLDS in recent times has been plainly pragmatical (one could say cowardly), mostly concerned with numerical growth, or at least trying to do what they can to prevent losses in membership. It's important to keep in mind that this last decade has been one of unprecedented apostasy among Mormons (the 239,000 accounts who subscribe to the exmormon reddit are just a shadow of the total numbers), and that the main driver of this has been leftist identity politics (far more so than "church history", though there is an overlap). You are probably aware that exmormons become atheists at very high rates once giving up their original faith.

I know many Mormons who are somewhat sympathetic to the social justice causes du jour (like almost everybody they consume mass media and are mostly unaware of the extent of the manipulation they are subjected to), but who still maintain passionate activity in the Church--it is these people, and there are a great many of them, who are the most vulnerable to losing their faith if the Church were to take a strong stance against the System, and I believe the church leadership is very anxious not to alienate them (or anybody--hence the boringly moderate positions that have been taken).

In my opinion the center cannot hold and the coming decade(s) will be decisive as to the direction the CJCLDS. I have no predictions, though this article ( ) claims:

"Sources whom I will not cite tell me that the Church is preparing for this with great urgency.

"They are disentangling themselves from gentile financial & tech infrastructure - building parallel systems & bringing functionality in-house. They’re preparing for BYU to lose its accreditation, and thus its power as an economic catapult for our cognitive elite (not that that will matter much if we’re unwelcome in elite professions anyway). They’re preparing to lose a tremendous amount of tithing income (both due to mass apostasy, & the destitution of the Saints) without interrupting the work in the temples. They’re buying lots and lots and lots of farmland."

Time will tell.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Thomas - My understanding is that those who would leave the church because of the conviction of social justice causes have *already* lost their faith and joined 'the other side' - and are (perhaps unwittingly) a fifth column; and a church leadership that strives to retain them within the church at cost of real Christian faith - likewise.

The thing is - there is no 'moderate' position nowadays - to be moderate is to support the purposively evil, totalitarian global establishment - and Not to realize the evil nature of global/ national/ institutional leadership in 2022 is a sign of being on that side.

Your last quote that tries to explain the CJCLDS as secretly preparing to do good while publicly affiliating with evil strikes me as deceptive nonsense; and the opposite of how things happen in real life.

In truth, the Mormon church is following the trajectory of 'convergence' - of subordination to leftist ideology - in an almost identical fashion to the other large denominations: Quaker, Unitarian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Catholic etc.

The trajectory is not identical, because each denomination has different core values and practices; and some were already very leftist (e.g. Unitarians and UK Methodists) - but broadly the effect is identical; and the CJCLDS resisted for longer than most. But the process is by now advanced - as is surely obvious?

Christians can no longer choose to be led spiritually by their churches *and remain Christian*.

This realization is clearly very difficult for those who equate strong and saving faith with obedience to, and support of, their particular church - but it really is blazingly obvious, and more so with every passing year.