Sunday 1 May 2022

"Maybe the meaning is drained from this world as it hellifies?"

This thought-provoking comment was made by "ben" in the course of a discussion over at Francis Berger's blog

It immediately set off a train of thought. 

Obviously this statement is true, in the sense that real meaning (and divine purpose) is deliberately being 'drained' from all of the world by the actions of the global establishment; and being replaced-by evil-motivated manipulative pseudo-meanings; fed to us and forced-upon us by the daily onslaught of mass media, bureaucracy and officialdom. 

Thus, one who is passive will find his world incrementally leached of meaning and of the motivations that derive from meaning - such that only those who actively seek for meaning will nowadays discover it. 

And that available-meaning will not be found where it used to be found, nor will it be found by the activities that used-to discover meaning - but only in other places, and by other means. 

The mainstream has tried pre-emptively to thwart this active seeking and creating of meaning in our world; by the slur that such is merely the wishful thinking of weak minds

We must therefore decide whether to believe Them that the true reality is indeed the official world of less-and-less meaning, in which we can only obey whatever is the current Thing...

Or not to believe this; and instead to replace from our inner and from divine resources, what is being denied us from external and societal indoctrinations. 

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