Tuesday 31 May 2022

People need to see-through the incompetence to the evil-motivations beneath

When I wrote recently about the relationship between evil and incompetence, how evil is necessarily incompetent in proportion to evil-ness (except at destruction); I forgot to mention a very important consequence. 

Too many clever and well-informed people are so aware of the incompetence of the Global Establishment that they regard incompetence as a sufficient explanation for the evil

In other words; they focus so much upon the incompetence of the ruling class - the people who are running the global organizations, national governments, major financial institutions, and all large social institutions (and, don't get me wrong - these people really are staggeringly incompetent!); that they fail to notice that behind all the surface chaos and proximate wreckage - there are deep and ultimate evil motives. 

These evil motives are what makes the incompetence work in one (i.e. evil) direction, continuing over many decades; the underlying evil-directedness is what enables the destructiveness of mainstream leftism to be sustained and purposive even across several human generations. 

The evil is what prevents incompetence from being addressed - or even noticed! And what pursues policies that amplify the presence and power of incompetence, instead of attempting to remedy it. The evil is what praises and promotes wicked policies and bad outcomes as virtuous; vilifies goodness as a 'fascism'.  

So - yes incompetence; but doubleplusyes deliberately evil motivations!


jana gatien said...

Excellently conveyed perspective. Basically the system is full of largely non-purposely evil boobs directed by purposely evil directors!

Kathleen said...

Since Evil is ultimately destructive I think it's natural that it is also incompetent. To be competent implies some level of care of the job you are doing. There may be many reasons for achieving competence, but evil is not one of them. If someone is choosing destruction, competence is likely not on the agenda as it is easy to destroy, much harder to create, harder still to create competently.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Kathleen - Good point.