Tuesday 10 May 2022

Imposing sexual values

It was always an element of Leftism, but from about the middle 1960s, anti-Christian, anti-traditional, anti-functional and anti-biological concepts of sex and sexuality became a recurrent and core strategy of Leftism. 

As a young Leftist; I personally found this strategy difficult to take seriously - and that was because I was of the Old Left persuasion, that regarded politics as properly concerned with economic and social arrangements. 

I failed to notice that Leftism lacked any genuine socio-political-economic goal; and was of-its-nature subversive, oppositional and intentionally destructive; and for this purpose sex/ sexuality is an ideal tool.

(Although the Left also has several other tools of similar value, including healthism, antiracism and 'environmentalism'.)

As I wrote a while ago; in natural Man, sexuality seems to be the second-most powerful motivator. Second, because Religion is - historically, and properly, the primary human motivator

But in a post-religious society, such as we inhabit; this means that sex tends to become the strongest motivator for many or most people

I think we can observe that this is broadly true, and that sex-as-motivator has been for many decades strongly encouraged, indeed enforced, by the major social institutions and corporations, mass media and the arts. 

Such sexualizing of culture is a self-reinforcing positive feedback cycle; since many of the majority of secular people (including many of those who affect to be religious and identify as-such, but who in practice always put religion in a subordinate place to dominant - therefore Leftist - social mores) are already primarily motivated by something-to-do-with sex - and the encouragement of a sexual focus has the effect of continually adding petrol onto smouldering ashes, and then permanently fanning the resultant flames. 

Even the reluctant and media-avoidant are unavoidably assailed by sexual stimuli and propaganda from all sides, on a daily (hourly) basis; which they cannot really ignore. This is why sex/ sexuality is nowadays primarily a motivator rather than something that someone does

In other words, the overwhelming importance of sex in modern life is its role in thought; in imagination and day-dreams and (mostly) in personal and secret 'fantasies' - which are seldom 'successfully' enacted yet still exert a powerful, albeit mostly negative, effect on people's actual lives and decisions. 

The modern sex/uality that so dominates modern societies is Sex In The Head - and may have little or nothing to do with the body; although such themes may (whether directly or indirectly) occupy a good deal of social interaction.  


Yet, of its nature, personal motivations to do with sex are unsuitable as a basis for changing social arrangements - therefore sex/ sexuality first needed to be assimilated into a Leftist ideology; directed at society-as-a-whole.  

This ideological assimilation of sex was accomplished from the 1960s (initially as 'free love' with easy divorce, then feminism, then campaigns to support various forms of unnatural sex/ sexuality, now the transagenda); by an army of ideologists, journalists, writers and artists, social scientists, critics, and bureaucrats. 

These sexual commissars were (apparently) mostly personally core-motivated by sexuality, and they were supported (materially and by attention and encouragement) via multiple channels - commercial, official, and overtly political; presumably by those who were similarly motivated. 

Thus, in a post-religious society; we have experienced a continual increase in concern with sex and sexuality; an increase which feeds upon itself - and is especially targeted on adolescents (and the increasing numbers of perpetual-adolescents) who, for biological reasons, are usually spontaneously focused upon sex and sexuality. 

Sex has therefore proved to be the single most effective battering ram used against the residue of religion; almost certainly responsible for most of the epidemic of apostasy that has over the past several generations afflicted and destroyed first The West, then The World. 

This means that - in a society increasingly dominated by Leftism - sex and sexuality are mainly pursued via ideology; and that people are strongly motivated by sexual ideology since (in absence of serious religion) sex represents their most powerful motivator - and they have been convinced that the attainment of their major life-motivations must run through support for Leftism. 

Thus the sexual revolution has been one of the most important Litmus Test issues, determining whether someone is pro-The System, or pro-God (which are, increasingly, the only possible choices). 

To understand this - and why it is that sex is such an important human motivator - yet properly not the most important motivator - is now a vital spiritual task for most people; and a task for which there is no help (but much hindrance) from the mainstream and mass media, and not much help from the mainstream of traditional churches. 

As usual - this is a task that needs doing for (almost) every person; but external sources are corrupted; therefore we must take personal responsibility and do-it-for-ourselves and from-our-selves - which is possible, with guidance of the Holy Ghost. 


Note added: It strikes me that I have relied on readers to join the dots here. Current news in the USA is about who gets to impose their sexual values on everybody else; and - in the context of our post-religious, hence sexually-motivated society - this is a set-up by The Establishment/ The System - intending further to undermine, scapegoat and destroy the residue of faithful Christians. But especially (as we perceive from evil-Leftist words and actions) the faithful in the Roman Catholic Church. Non-Catholic Christians should take note that the demonic powers (and despite the horrific extent of RCC corruption) nonetheless regard the Roman Church as a significant obstacle to their goals, worthy of specific attention. This I take as confirmation (for those who doubted) that there yet remains a significant and specifically-Christian force-for-Good in the RCC, as is. 

Further note: As so often in these End Times; if the current situation is looked-upon as a learning opportunity - provided by God in context of the world as people have chosen; it provides a yet further, yet clearer example of the purposive and strategic evil of the global ruling Establishment and The System they control. 


PhilR said...

I'm generally averse to mono-causal explanations for anything. I make an exception here. Spot on, it seems to me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Phil - Thanks! Although I hadn't thought of it as mono-causal. It is a constraint of blogging that one can only deal with one issue at a time, and even that tersely - the rest must be implied.

The role of sex/uality in our culture is really quite extraordinary! And that fact that this isn't noticed shows how central the sex question has become. In the first place - the mainstream (i.e. Leftist) view is incoherent, and ever more so - this glaring fact is ignored/ denied.

This ought to be a clue to the oppositional and negative nature of Leftism - e,g, it does not matter to the Left how incoherent are feminism, mass third-world immigration and the transagenda, because all the individual strands are attacks on Christianity-traditional-natural values: which is the point of it all.

An incoherence I mention in the linked article from 2013 is that sex is *simultaneously* the most important thing in the world, and at the same time its consequences too trivial to consider sexual values as a major fact in social policy.

A fascinating topic!

Michael Dyer said...

Maybe I’ll prove to be a medium strength dupe, but there’s also a possibility in my mind that some of the events in the United States could be the result of prayer. Additionally it could also be a sort of exam for us, a chance to at least make a start away from the edge.

That being said, the idea that’s it’s another set up, yeah, I don’t want you to be right but that doesn’t mean you aren’t.

Regarding sexuality as primary it’s interesting you say that because I’ve heard this explicitly stated from non Christians as a natural consequence of materialistic evolution, that everything is about reproduction for humans; then in the same breath seemingly there’s the decoupling of sex and reproduction.

In some of the debates regarding the aforementioned events, some people seem almost astonished there should be any connection at all.

ted said...

This becomes more interesting when you consider sexual dynamics have changed in recent times, in that, 80% of the younger women these days are chasing the top 20% high value men through dating apps, etc. So in other words, you have a huge percentage of men who don't have God as a motivator, and their sexual motivations are hopelessly unfulfilled. What does this do to a society? Wait and see, and it won't be pretty.

Crosbie said...

It appears for most people the overwhelmingly dominant motivation is peer-group respect. That does leave open the question of which peer group to belong to and I guess non-social motivations play a large part in that. Yet once fixated on a particular peer group, the original non-social motivation can become quite unimportant. My point is to explain the weird way a particular pleasure can become 100% dominant in structuring life while at the same time be almost neglected in reality.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ted - So people say, but I'm not sure how generally true it is.

Of course, there is nothing new about a majority of men doing without sex for most of the time - it has been the human condition in many times and places, and for a variety of reasons.

But the main thing I remind myself, is that sex/ sexuality cannot be 'fixed' without Christian conversion coming First - and the same applies to most of our most serious problems. We must be motivated strongly *and in the right direction*, if we are to halt and reverse the damaging trends of decades.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Crosbie - "My point is to explain the weird way a particular pleasure can become 100% dominant in structuring life while at the same time be almost neglected in reality."

Yes, that is a pretty astonishing incoherence. The way in which society was massively restructured to make promiscuous sex difficult/ impossible for most people (including those whose whole life is built-around some aberrent sexual 'thing') during long periods of the birdemic was another such 'paradox' of leftism; since this was a thing the secular left enthusiastically imposed on themselves (or, at least among the low-ranking majority - the leadership class is another and viler story).

xxxx said...

"Non-Catholic Christians should take note that the demonic powers (and despite the horrific extent of RCC corruption) nonetheless regard the Roman Church as a significant obstacle to their goals, worthy of specific attention."

In addition, the huge corruption of the RCC has been produced by a century of infiltration by Leftists. Read " Infiltration" by Taylor Marshall and "The undermining of the Catholic Church" by Mary Ball Martinez.

So these are two different initiatives with the same goal.

Bruce Charlton said...

@xxxx - Indeed. My point was that despite all this, there remains something about the RCC which apparently scares the demons.

The point was not directed at Catholics, but at other kinds of Christian who might assume that the RCC was *altogether* a spent force/ a wholly-corrupted institution.