Saturday 4 June 2022

As the demons infiltrate our minds, consider that Real-thinking is a slow business

To recap: I believe that Rudolf Steiner was correct a century ago when he said that the characteristic spiritual phenomenon of this age was that the power of thinking has been enhanced, to the point that Men tend to become after death what Men think-they-are during life

This is why the prime strategy of purposive-evil has since become totalitarian - in other words, demonic evil being are engaged in vast-scale attempts to control Men's thinking. 

At first (with the USSR, and other 20th century leftist dictatorships) this was mainly by physical coercion, restriction and censorship; more recently, it has been by flooding human minds with addictively-engineered mass and social media.

Thus, Modern Men have (for the first time in history) the power, consciously and by choice, to think-themselves towards the realm of spiritual beings, to communicate with 'the dead', to recognize life and purpose in the world, to appreciate divine providence at work in their own lives... and so forth. 

Yet, instead, Modern Man chooses to think the universe as purposeless, meaningless, dead and wholly material - of himself as (merely) an animal whose life as annihilated by death; and by-thinking, makes-this-so (partially so in mortal life, wholly so after mortal death).  

The nature of thinking in these times is superficial, shallow - and excluding of our real and divine self. 

Our 21st century thinking is put-into-us from external sources, and the 'data' is processed by concepts that are also inserted and sustained by inputs. 

Modern Man's thinking is like a mirror of the external world of mass media and bureaucracy - and his social interactions overwhelmingly consist of the same content and concepts. Who controls The System of media and bureaucracy, also controls Men's thinking... 

Our global totalitarian System therefore includes Modern Men; and by his thinking Modern contributes to the sustenance and growth of The System. 

Our escape from this situation can only lie outside of The System. 

Some advocate escape by Not-thinking - but this is attempting to go-against the irreversible direction of Man's divinely ordained evolutionary development which has given our thinking this enhanced power. It will not work, and trying Not to think will do us harm by failing to recognize or oppose The System and its purposive evil. 

The answer is not to 'stop thinking', nor to weaken thinking's power; but to redirect thinking towards God and the currently-excluded world of spirits.  

(Indeed, our destiny (that direction hoped-for by God) is towards even-greater strengthening of thinking; so long as that thinking is - to the best of our ability, repenting the inevitable failures - aligned with God's creative methods and purpose.) 

What is needed is a different kind of thinking; a thinking that comes from within - and comes from our real and divine self: a primary thinking

But what are its characteristics? 

Negatively, we can say that primary thinking is word-less - it is in this sense a 'pure' thinking. 

It is intuition - the bottom line of knowing; therefore is not explicable in terms of its causes: primary thinking arises-from the real-divine self, as an expression of that self - it is not caused by other factors (else it would not be primary). 

Free will comes after primary thinking. First comes the primary thought - then our consciousness recognizes, evaluates, decides... 

And it is important to be clear that primary thinking is - or seems - slow and simple. 

Therefore, if we are busy, plugging-into media whenever 'boredom' threatens, working all the time, socializing in every spare moment... if we fill our time/ minds with inputs... then our thinking will necessarily be externally-dictated, it will be System thinking, it will be net-evil. 

We will be thinking evil, and desiring evil for our-selves; and (sooner or later) our thinking will transform us into that which we think. 

Only if we make space and reduce external inputs and 'noise' may we become aware of our primary thinking. 

This cannot be hurried - and 'cannot' means it can't. Primary thinking is incompatible with an 'efficient' life. 

Further; if we seek answers - we need to realize that we are almost certainly asking the wrong questions. Discovering and framing the problem correctly is a slow, deliberate process that cannot be rushed. If we really want Good answers - we must do what is necessary to discover them.

Thus, primary thinking is something that only happens to modern Man by deliberate choice, by wanting and making it a priority. 

If a typical Modern Man does not make the effort, does not make the needful sacrifices - if he continues to be busy, compulsively interactive; if he fills his quiet and solitary time with stimulation (or sleep)... then he may never do any primary thinking - may live always in a passive and unconscious way, a mere circuit of The System. 

Primary thinking should be our priority. It is always going-on - but is nearly-always ignored, buried beneath the deluge of incoming stimuli, and indeed unfindable so long as that external stimulation continues. 

Therefore, if we want to escape The System which is filling out thoughts in order to manipulate, torment, and ultimately damn us; we absolutely need to make our life-situation conducive to primary thinking. 

Which means to accept the necessary conditions of relative slowness and simplicity; and to become conscious of that pure and wordless clarity of knowing that can (and should) bring us a sureness, a conviction of truth, a sense of solidity in reality - and that we may consciously choose to adopt as the basis of a good life. 


dave s said...

Does primary thinking ultimately mean philosphizing in the way Aristotle or Plato did? Certainly not modern "philosophizing" which is merely criticizing reality and trying to destroy it. But philosophizing in the ancient sense, seeeking to establish the primary concepts we need to understand reality. Hence its primary.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ds - No, it doesn't mean that. Maybe if you checked out the links, and also word-searched this blog for Final Participation it might make things clearer?