Friday 24 June 2022

Global Evil moves from Plan A (totalitarian inversion) towards Plan B (destructive chaos)

My interpretation of present global events (for what it's worth) is that we are seeing further confirmation that Evil Plan A for a global system of totalitarian value-inversion is collapsing. 

Plan A reached its peak of success in early-mid 2020 (before the antiracist, pro-chaotic, turn of that summer) - and Plan A has now failed.

The demonic masters are moving more and more decisively towards Evil Plan B - which is (just) spitefully-motivated destruction and maximum chaos

In other words, Plan A was an instance of Ahrimanic evil; and designed to impose by law and saturation-propaganda a value-system of positivism-materialism with the inversion of real-true-divine values. It was intended to make Men choose damnation because they had come to believe evil was good, and good was evil. 

Plan A was mainly concerned to make a world system leading to the greatest quantitative damnation of human souls - and the 'pleasure' of demons, and demon-possessed or demon-serving humans, therefore had to take second place to this strategy. 

Plan B is a much cruder, simpler, more short-termist - but more advanced-in-wickedness - form of evil than Plan A; Plan B is the outcome of that evil I have called Sorathic.

Plan B is mainly motivated by the sheerly spiteful enjoyment of its implementers: their simple 'personal' desire to destroy all that is good, of-God, of-creation, and true. 

Those demons and Men who pursue Plan B are consumed by hatred of divine creation; and are therefore somewhat reckless about whether the people who are tormented and killed by their policies are damned. 

These Plan B advocates enjoy inflicting suffering so much, get so carried-away by the process; that the fact their victims may cry to God from the depths of this suffering (De Profundis) is of secondary interest.  

It is Plan B that has engineered World War III - with its vast potential for suffering and deaths by violence, starvation and disease. 

In other words; we need to recognize that the recent break-up of the projected unipolar world of Plan A; the deliberate provocation of a WWIII; and the calculated, repeated, accelerating measures to escalate and spread this war... 

These actions are motivated by a sadistic desire for human and environmental destruction rather than control; and the progression of WWIII is an evil attempt to destroy, not enhance, the possibility of a totalitarian New World Order. 

This is my interpretation of the Global Establishment's behaviour towards the Fire Nation. 

In the early days of the birdemic-peck; the Fire Nation was apparently on-board with Plan A - the One-World, totalitarian Reset Agenda. But that Plan has not happened; and instead the vision of a single omni-surveillance, micro-controlled world, unified under One World government - has fallen into pieces. 

It seems that the Plan B-ites have tricked the Plan A-ites

The Plan B-ites apparently sold their Plan for starting and fuelling WWIII to the Plan A-ites as a mechanism for (quickly, easily) isolating and conquering the Fire Nation, eliminating all Establishment-hostile leadership; and fully-assimilating a broken-up Fire Nation into the New World Order in a subordinate role. 

Or maybe Plan B supporters did not need to mislead the Plan A-ites

Maybe the intrinsic processes of evil on Men (and demons) meant that many of the ex-totalitarians had 'progressed' to sheer destructiveness, and the residual totalitarians are reduced to pretending still to be in control by manufacturing excuses for the collapse of their strategy? I believe that this is, indeed, the exact way that evil feeds-upon-itself. 

For instance; some commenters interpret the recent break-up of the world and wildfire descent into multi-location war, as a 'cunning plan' version of Plan A. This would need to be a very long-term plan - still directed at the eventual establishment of the same unitary totalitarian global society described in the Great Reset and Agenda 2030. 

This amounts to explaining destruction as construction, interpreting chaos as order, insisting that fragmentation is just another kind of unity. 

I regard this as a serious misunderstanding. If we are indeed now in Plan B - as I suggest; all we really need to know is that (whatever soothing or 'high-minded' 'strategic'  lies they tell themselves) those who are ruling this mortal world are now, and increasingly, focused on an agenda of torment and destruction, reckless of the consequences. 

However, Plan A is still in place even as it disintegrates; and the globalist, totalitarian bureaucrats of the New World Order still have a great deal of influence and power.

But the direction of change seems to be established; and Plan A can now be regarded as dying.

What is my Christian interpretation of these events? From a perspective of human suffering, Plan B certainly accelerates and intensifies suffering in the short term - albeit maybe not in the longer term. 

But from a perspective of salvation; I think it probable that more souls would choose to be saved in a Plan B (WWIII) scenario; than if the worldwide system of surveillance-and 'thought control' of Plan A had been put into place. 


Ann K. said...

Anyone who has ever known a narcissist would grasp Sorathic evil very well.

R.J.Cavazos said...

Ann K. Good point. I wonder if narcissists and borderlines and similar other destructive beings have increased in number. Recent goings would suggest many flying monkeys are required to put things in motion. I suspect they have increased in number, but could be that I notice them more as a function of approaching my 7th decade.

Bruce Charlton said...

Sorathic evil has a somewhat different flavour than narcissism - at least as I understand the usage of that recently-introduced term. Narcissism is more like "Luciferic" evil characterized by a prideful, lustful, self-pleasuring sin.

Sorathic evil would be more akin to a cold, cruel psychopath.

Karl said...

Does the overturning of Roe v Wade not represent a blow to the evil forces running the world?

Bruce Charlton said...

@K - One swallow doth not a summer make - and, anyway, virtue depends on the motivation.

William Wildblood said...

It's possible that the overturning of Roe v Wade plays into Sorathic destruction since it will greatly increase the division in America and provoke real hatred in the left.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - That may be why it has happened now - this decision essentially came out of the blue and was suddenly being discussed everywhere, which is usually a signal of evil provenance.

It is easy for Americans to misunderstand the significance of what has happened, due to the long and intense national cultural focus on this issue.

But RvW was overturned for what were explicitly legal - Not moral - reasons. Neither was it overturned in response to a great Christian awakening - quite the opposite, in that the US churches are smaller and weaker than ever before.

This should be a warning.

AT present, I would say that whether this legal decision leads to good or worse evil for US society will depend on what *spiritually* happens next. In 2016 many assumed that Brexit, and then Trump, were harbingers of the roll-back of secular leftism, yet that was not so - and in four years we saw the global birdemic scam and totalitarian coup.

Only when good things are done for good reasons is there genuine cause for optimism.

Howard Ramsey Sutherland said...

Dr. Charlton,
There was a greater Christian role in moving American law back towards restricting abortion and overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey than you give American Christians credit for. The Dobbs v. Jackson W.H.O. opinion is written in legal terms because it must be, but it is a moral victory.
The Dobbs decision did not come out of the blue. It had been prepared for decades. The Supreme Court itself had been moving to limit the abortion-on-demand licence Roe and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton, had created and Casey had perpetuated. In its 2007 Gonzales v. Carhart decision the Court ruled that States have the power to prohibit so-called partial-birth abortions, undermining the Roe/Casey regime. U.S. judges may not cite their religious views in opinions, but surely their metaphysical beliefs affect their approach to cases. The Dobbs majority is four practising Catholics and two practising Anglicans (one raised Catholic); the minority that voted to preserve Roe and Casey is two secular Jews and one lapsed Catholic.
In the States, primarily Southern, that have enacted strong restrictions on abortion - such as the Mississippi statute at issue in Dobbs - Christianity remains a strong presence. Imperfect, yes, but very much present. Not least in politics. Many of the politicians who have worked hard to end the Roe/Casey regime openly cite their Christian beliefs as guiding their actions, something judges are prohibited from saying. Preparing the ground to end the Roe/Casey regime has been the work of Christian organisations, Catholic and Evangelical. They won't stop because Roe and Casey are gone: their goal is to end abortions, not just correct abuses of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Catholic Church has gone to the dark side in many ways, but has stood fast in opposing abortion (although many American Catholics want more bishops to deny Communion to pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians). Catholic priests and laymen have been at the centre of the pro-life movement.
I believe the pro-life movement has achieved this success because of its strength of Christian commitment. It's a rare and welcome instance of defeating Them, as the hysteria that has greeted the decision reflects. They have supernatural leadership; isn't it possible that a movement opposing Them about something so fundamental might have supernatural support of its own? This is a good thing done for good reasons, and there is genuine cause for optimism in it. I did not expect to see Roe v. Wade overturned in my lifetime, if ever.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HRS - We shall see.

As I wrote at Adam Piggott's blog:

This was a move that emanated from the Establishment in context of unprecedented shrinkage and weakness of the Christian churches; and was leaked in advance by Establishment supporters – so I think this fight has been chosen and initiated by the ‘Pro-Choice’ side of the culture war.

Presumably; They believe that the RvsW repeal will work for Them, not for us.

This may turn out to be wrong, but the fact is we are probably following Their plan, so far.

Bruce Charlton said...

From HRS:


Maybe, but I'm not sure this time. The leak, which had to be from one of the dissenting justices' clerks, was meant to generate media and political pressure to make one or more of the anti-Roe justices change sides. That failed. It has been seized on... to distract Americans from the country's real problems... as the 2022 elections loom. I suspect that will fail as well.

I don't think They engineered an overturn of Roe as a tactical move to enrage and activate Leftists. In America, abortion is the high holy sacrament of the Left, greater even than sodomy and open borders. The emotional energy those people have invested in abortion, of all things, over the past 50 years is hard to overstate. And since a Great Reset goal is greatly reduced population, abortions are useful to Them; there have been approximately 63 million in America since Roe was decided in 1973. They want no restrictions whatsoever, at any stage of pregnancy - and even for some time after.

Mercifully for the rest of us, most Americans don't think that way.

Whatever may happen next, I don't think They benefit from this.

pyrrhus said...

Both the overturning of the legally contemptible Roe decision (there was no "case or controversy" since Roe had already given birth) and the very important Thomas opinion on gun control, represent a huge change of direction in the Court and American society..(I have litigated in the Supreme Court with success)..Thomas and Alito absolutely trashed the arguments by the abortionists and gun controllers, and made it clear that there are five votes to make wholesale changes in the idiotic decisions of the last 80 years...These are gigantic steps forward for the conservative, pro-life part of the population, and hugely encouraging to those who want a return to democracy and local government, not Federal autocracy...

Bruce Charlton said...

@pyrrhus - But - really? Has there really been a tidal change in the attitude of the ruling elites? Were these changes a consequence of overwhelming pressure? No, obviously not.

Such things cannot be hidden. All this came out-of-the-blue as a surprise to the punditry, as a surprise to the pro-life lobby - just like many other recent engineered frenzies such as the explosive global birdemic-peck healthism, instant worldwide antiracism, overnight Fire Nation derangement.

We must keep our eyes (hearts) fixed on motivations. We know the motivations of the world, and US, ruling class (of whom the SCOTUS are near the pinnacle). Is it really plausible that this legal change was motivated by a secret reversal in this group - when one considers what else they are doing hourly, daily and as strategy; where they are trying to take the world?

My view is that just as Christians cannot (from here, and now) vote their way to a better world, neither can they legislate better morality (especially not at a national scale). Overall, Men are way too corrupt - Men do not even want Good. Thus votes are fixed and ignored as expedient (and the fixing and ignoring are ignored); legislation is ignored or overturned as expedient (and people pretend the opposite of what is happening).

Surely this has been known for decades, as part of everyday experience?

The side of Evil can and do use votes and laws to progress *their* ideology, because what evil desires is opposition and chaos.

However, the situation is not reversible - and progression of the side of Good cannot be voted or legislated, but must originate in Men's hearts (with votes and legislation following as and when required).

I regard this RvsW move as - by intent - a snare and a PSYOPS; emanating from the side of evil and therefore Not as a harbinger of good government, nor as evidence of a change of heart among the ruling Establishment). With this legal decision; Christians (or 'conservatives' - whatever they may be...) are Not setting out on a new and better path, but being lured into what is intended to be a kill zone.

Of course, this evil-plan may be turned to Good - but only if the plans are thwarted or redirected; which means recognizing them for what they are.

Lady Mermaid said...

Evil is inherently destructive and ultimately leads to chaos. The current US President is on the evil side of every agenda yet has probably been the most incompetent. The evil elite still desire the Great Reset, but are unable to implement it as they self destruct. They don't even attempt to hire the best people (affirmative action). I just read the US military is now 20% female and is looking to increase that share. There may be low scale conflict in the future, but I truly do not forsee another great civil war on the horizon. Rather the system will sputter and choke on its own incompetence as it's doing so right now. That will lead to much suffering at least short term, but it may bring man to repentance as well.

As far as the RvW, I am not deluded to think that the system has reformed. Notwithstanding the most recent victories on gun ownership and abortion, evil controls the majority of the apparatus including most western world leaders, the media, most churches, and corporate America. However, there are still forces of good fighting the evil among us. The recent post about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah shows that God is very patient and wants to give His children every opportunity to repent before destruction is the most merciful option.

I believe that the RvW is an opportunity for America to repent of her support of the sexual revolution. The optimal outcome is for Americans to reject the sexual revolution and use her world influence to lead the rest of the West to spiritual revival. However, as Brexit showed, it's far from certain that Americans will take up the opportunity for repentance. The more likely outcome is that certain states ban abortion but no major change in the spiritual outlook of Americans. However, Americans now have a choice about the destiny they wish to follow as the SCOTUS has reverted the decision back to the people. May they choose wisely.

Bruce Charlton said...

Note to Ap - Your recent comments are not being posted firstly because they breach the guidelines - first sentence; and also because they are wrong, but I do not want to use up effort and space to refute them. That's how I run the comments, and always have: comments are published for the enhancement of the blog post, in some way.