Thursday 9 June 2022

BTW - It's Not about the USA anymore...

The internet, like the mass media generally, is highly dominated by the USA; and most of the comment and analysis comes from the US. 

But - since 2020, when all the world was in policy-lockstep for the first time in human history - it should be obvious that we live in a global totalitarian system.

Yet too many US commenters, perhaps especially on the non-religious 'Right'; still assume that the USA is the root and origin of global power. 

The work of Mencius Moldbug/ Curtis Yarvin can be taken as an example: in which he puts 'the Cathedral' - the 'Ivy League' intelligentsia and affiliates, with HQ Harvard University - as the controlling ideological centre. 

Another common idea is that the US Supreme Court has been the most important factor in influencing long-term socio-political trends - and that is where the centre of power lies. 

Others imagine that the birdemic was a US-initiated and -sustained phenomenon*. 

But the present situation, in which (apparently) the US Supreme Court Judges are under siege; threatened by totalitarian-leftist violence egged on by the mass media; and leading US politicians and security agencies will neither acknowledge the fact, protect them, nor do anything substantive to discourage the situation... shows me that the USA is now a controlled nation - the US elites are middle managers for executives whose loyalties lies elsewhere. 

The US 'cathedral' is run in the interests of the globalists, whose affiliations are demonic and to do with the strategy of soul damnation. 

The premier institutions of the USA - whether President, Houses, Supreme Court, or Harvard - are all grist to the globalists mill; and will be destroyed as and when expedient for the globalists agenda. 

US national institutions are now - one and all - followers, not leaders. 

*Of the five current global Litmus Test issues (the four of 2020, plus the 2022 Fire Nation war) the US originated both the sexual revolution and antiracism; but that was in the middle 1960s. Control of these  agendas has since been lost to global institutions; such that the USA cannot now roll-back or step-away from them, even when they desire to - any more than other nations are allowed the choice to opt-out from The Plan. Or, at least, the solution lies at a far deeper and more spiritual level than that of politics, media, corporations and institutions. 


whitney said...

Yeah. A dementia patient was installed as the visible head of the country. Somebody is actually in control but we have no idea who it is but the lock step around the world implementing a global world government, long predicted in the Bible, is beyond anyone one man or group. The demonic nature of it all is so visible but so many people refuse to see it. Now the media is promoting sudden adult death syndrome, this new and weird disease that is taking young people. The evil of this cannot be overstated and yet from what I've seen in the last few years most people will just say okay while they're getting their next booster

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - I had not noticed the SADS lie - it only took off about three weeks ago. The official line seems to be that there has been a large and rapid increase in this since about 2021, but *somehow* it is caused by heredity...

But the only Sure thing is that young adults (plus children babies, and fetuses) dying since early 2021; out of the blue at many-fold rates; is something very complex, highly confusing, and (in sum) a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Further research is necessary... And in the meantime Be Safe and Everybody Get Your Multi-Pecks ASAP.

c matt said...

I don't necessarily disagree that the control/brains/cabal or whatever you want to call it is beyond the USA, but the USA is a necessary, if not sufficient, element. If the cabal loses the USA, the cabal loses. The USA is certainly being used by the cabal to great effect, but it is the USA that provides the tech and the muscle that makes globalism possible. Should the USA decide not to play anymore, globalist cabal is in trouble. Hence the strong push to remove the 2nd Amendment.

Bruce Charlton said...

@cm - Yes - the USA is the most important of the branch offices, which is why the error is so easy to make. But he point is where the power lies. Since All the major US corporations and institutions (including Christian, and other, churches) - and all the ruling class individuals in powerful positions - are converged/ corrupted/ controlled by the globalists... "the USA" 'deciding not to play anymore' would require a kind of revolutionary change that has never been seen before in history, and for which there seems no significant motivation - and (because Godless, no religion, materialist) no basis for motivation. WHo are "the USA" once all the institutions are subtracted, and the passive obedient hedonic mass Men are eliminated from consideration? Individuals, mostly Christian - working spiritually.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

During my morning reads, I came upon an excellent article detailing the data objectively demonstrating that the peck and mask mandates not only are useless, but actively harmful. The author went to great lengths providing detailed re[ports of studies and policy requirements of organizations. In the end, he concluded with a very tepid statement "It’s a thoroughly discouraging question with an equally discouraging answer. They overlords simply don’t care."

Where is the outrage? Why cannot people simply see and therefore state that this is evil and the perpetrators need to be publicly hanged or otherwise dealt with, if, for no other reason than to denounce evil for all of society to see, effect retribution for the crimes, deter future generation from such evil, scare straight those who are not so greatly evil, and eliminate the possibility of recidivism.

At this point, I see that the cognitive dissidence is mammoth. The fundamental problem is that for most people, to admit the existence of global, spiritual evil is to admit the existence of God and that is something so scary that they simply cannot go there. What everyone fails to understand is that in the end, God wins. The cure is to make sure that you (me) lives and creates as spiritually aware as possible.

Bruce Charlton said...

"The fundamental problem is that for most people, to admit the existence of global, spiritual evil is to admit the existence of God"

There you put your finger on why evil cannot be seen. Until that changes, nothing will change - at the public level, anyway.

"in the end, God wins"

In one sense yes; but in terms of the fate of individual souls there is everything to play for.