Tuesday 14 June 2022

Positive and Good motivations cannot be *given* to people, from externally

One of the Big Problems of modern life (at least, many people regard it as a problem; although it is probably in truth a vital learning experience) is that nowadays Positive and Good motivations cannot be given to people. 

And external motivations are either bad, negative - or both. 

In general, the Godless aspiritual modern people in the West are very weakly motivated compared with the past- to the point that they do not even recognize (instead dishonestly deny) when their personal and direct interests are threatened, nor do they have even the courage to defend their children. 

It remains possible, however, to motivate people negatively and to desire harm. 

This is, typically, done by monolithic instruction and incentives from official bureaucracies (government, 'legal', 'educational', 'scientific' etc); combined with pervasive and coordinated propaganda from the mass (including social) media. 

There are plenty of effective negative motivations - e.g. based on fear, resentment, greed, lust. 

And there are plenty of motivations to affiliate with the side of evil - since purposive-evil controls (essentially) all Western and Global nations and institutions; and therefore access to money, status, power, influence...

Thus the typical 'motivated' modern person is atheistic and leftist - evil and negative: which is to say: affiliated to Satanic goals directed against divine creation; and exclusively focused on negative, oppositional purposes (such as socialism, feminism, antiracism, healthism, environmentalism etc) - sustained by negative emotions and sinful desires (two sides of a coin). 

What about Christianity - how does that motivate people?

We can see that it used to be possible - indeed normal - for Christianity to motivate people externally. That is, people were invited to participated in the life of a church - with its sociality, rituals, cohesion etc. 

But church seems to have little appeal to modern people; while the actuality (and indeed potential) of external religiousness has declined sharply; and for many months since 2020 has been absent - with churches closed and essential activities suspended (by the active choice of churches).

What this means is quite simple: anyone who wants positive and Good motivations for life; must find these for himself. 

This requires individuals taking responsibility and being active with respect to their own spiritual destinies. 

And not many people seem to be willing to do that? They want motivations and gratifications to be presented to them, or imposed upon them - requiring merely passive consent. And thus they choose negativity and evil. 

So we cannot supply motivations of the right sort. We may suggest - but at bottom such suggestions are for each to embark on a personal quest. 

How then can we encourage the individuals we love to take personal responsibility and an active spiritual role in life? 

How does God try to create a conducive environment for His children to do the same? 

Not easy, nor comfortable. 

Mostly, the sorry tale must be played-out to its bitter end; when the consequences of individuals and groups choosing to be motivated negatively and to affiliate with evil, become starkly apparent. 

And the choice is between despair and death, on the one hand; or, on the other hand, an active choice of salvation, resurrection, eternal life in Heaven.  

Sometimes... usually, people will only learn from harsh lessons.

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