Friday 3 June 2022

Deniability is important to the strategy of evil

You may have noticed (if you have noticed anything since 2020!) that evil nearly-always wants to take a round-about and deniable route to its desired outcomes

This can get pretty complex - especially when (as I assume) different kinds of demons are engaged in misleading each-other. 

Thus - the Climate Change scam/lie is mostly about the bureaucratic totalitarian ("Ahrimanic") demons using CO2 (trade mark Gas-of-Life) as a rationale for the worldwide surveillance, monitoring and control of humankind - partly by means of creating a much smaller world economy that is susceptible of such micro-management.

But the demons of destruction ("Sorathic") approve this scheme because (in destroying 'non-sustainable' practices) it will grossly shrink and cripple the world economy; and inevitably will cause the Giga-death of billions of the masses by starvation (amplified by disease and violence).  

The totalitarian demons thus used the Fire Nation invasion as a (more-or-less) plausible excuse to accelerate their 'Green Energy' programme by inflicting severe oil-starving and trade-sabotaging 'sanctions' on their own nations (under the pretense that this would harm the Fire Nation!... ROFL). 

(Some of the stupider bureaucrats seem also to have believed that these 'sanctions', plus exclusion of leaders from the international elite club of demon-possessed snakes and zombies; would rapidly bring the militarily and raw-material mighty Fire Nation to its knees and under control of the Global Establishment; preparatory to doing the same - sometime down the line - to the productive and populous Earth Nation.)

You can see the cleavage opening between the waning totalitarian-demons and the waxing destroyers; in that (after only three months!) the totalitarians have suddenly realized that the economic-trade collapse wrought by the climate-emergency-inspired oil-sanctions will very quickly and completely disable, then destroy, the complex surveillance-monitoring-control capability of the bureaucratic states... 

(With the end of Agenda 2030/ Great Reset and all those other grandiose globalist strategies.) 

But why the roundabout route, why bother with deniability?

Partly, because people may react-against and fight overt evil. Albeit, the Godless masses are now so incapable of thought and addicted to distraction - and the intellectual classes so inverted in their values - that they might well go-along - enthusiastically! - with explicit plans for their own annihilation; as with population replacement and enslavement to 'the other' under the diversity ideal. 

But mainly because the demons want us to desire our own enslavement and/or destruction

All the evil that is done to us - up to and including starvation, disease, violence, and death - needs to be regarded by the victims as deserved, "for our own good", for the greater good; or for some other kind of abstractly 'virtuous' reason such as the QWERTY-trans/ Green/ healthist/ feminist or other leftist ideology (now widely advocated as having transcended God, and the need for God).

But, because God is merciful and desires that we are saved; only by Men desiring their own damnation - or, at the extreme of resentment, suffering and fear, by despairing and regarding God the creator as an evil tormentor... Only thus can our death be made an effective route to damnation and Hell.

By contrast; if most people were to notice, acknowledge and understand what is going-on behind the lies, deceptions and deniability - then this insight into evil will lead to an increased likelihood of salvation after death; and also a higher likelihood of people learning and developing spiritually during this mortal life. 

This is what the Beings of purposive evil seek to avoid by pursuing deliberately bad outcomes by roundabout, deniable and plausibly-'virtuous' roundabout routes

Therefore, those who remain unconscious, passive, and who refuse to see evil - actually bring down suffering upon themselves

The demons know that the mass of self-blinded folk will never blame the guilty, and will instead seek well-meaning excuses for the result of Satanic motivations. 

The more such people suffer and despair - the more assured is their damnation. 

And, contrariwise; our best possible spiritual defense against the domination by evil Beings; is to be alert, aware and honest - and strive always, wholeheartedly, to understand the truth behind the deceptions. 

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