Friday 17 June 2022

Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl - but is that a good thing?

As I walk through this world
Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl
And-a you, you are my girl
And no one can hurt you, oh no

Yes-a, I, oh I'm gonna love you, oh oh
Come on let me hold you darlin'
'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl
So hey yea yea yeah

And when I hold you
You'll be my Duchess, Duchess of Earl
We'll walk through my dukedom
And a paradise we will share

Yes-a, I, oh I'm gonna love you, oh oh
Nothing can stop me now
'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl
So hey yeah yeah yeah

Well, I, oh I'm gonna love you, oh oh
Nothing can stop me now
'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl
So hey yeah yeah yeah

It has been known for more than sixty years that nothing can stop the Duke of Earl

Although many have tried, they always fail - even when powerful agents of the totalitarian establishment

So the Duke can do anything he wants... but what is it that the Duke wants? 

(Aside from holding his girl, and walking with her in paradise.)  

As more people begin to look for a Strong Man to heal this chaotic earth and unite the fractured nations; some are starting to ask whether the Duke of Earl is exactly what we need - hidden in plain sight for all this time? 

Certainly he could do it, even if nobody else could. 

But others qualify such hopes by pointing-out that - although the Duke makes absolutely certain that no one can hurt his girl; he has never yet offered to extend this security guarantee beyond his dukedom and to a global level.  

We need to find out! - and as a matter of urgency - What Are His Intentions? We all assume they are benign, but do we really know?

And, if necessary, we must try to persuade the Duke of Earl to take a larger role in world governance. 

Obviously desirable. Easily said. But how?  

Note: I personally suspect that the Duke of Earl - like Tom Bombadil - has no interest in power; and is satisfied by his Earlship of the Dukedom and the fact that wherever walks through this world, nothing can stop him. Even if he was persuaded to become the absolute ruler of the world - because all the free peoples begged him - he would probably forget to turn-up for work.


ben said...

is this final participation?

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - "Is this final participation?"

More like the return of Jehovah, with all that entails...

R.J.Cavazos said...

The original Gene Chandler version is by my lights is a better homage to the Duke of Earl.

Lets not forget--The hockey poky is what its all about... There in plain sight..

WJT said...

In a time of universal totalitarianism, walking through this world and holding your girl is a revolutionary act.

Ranger said...

My whole life I thought this was doop-doop-doop-doo-bah-doo. My world's shattered.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ranger - this was the version I knew as a youth - - in which the D of E lyric can clearly be heard; but I'm afraid I did not listen to the words of the verses; nor did I realize their extreme significance... until last week.

Ranger said...

I first heard the song as a kid, when I knew very little English (I'm Brazilian), so the wrong lyrics were "set"; I think I could have listened to it for the rest of my life none-the-wiser were it not for this post.

WJT said...

Ranger, I made the same sort of mistake with The Beach Boys song ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ran.

Andrew said...

The Duke is from Faerie?

Bruce Charlton said...

"The Duke is from Faerie?"

No, he's from Earl - presumably.