Saturday 15 October 2022

2020-2022 - from plausible deniability to PSYOPS

Looking back across the gulf between now and 2020, we can see how carefully the birdemic scam was planned so that its fundamental dishonesty was plausibly deniable. 

Key definitions had been changed, fake science of the necessary kind had been seeded into the literature, the peck had been pre-manufactured etc.

This was an instance of how They intended running the world: as a closed system of superficially rational bureaucracy. All policies came with a manufactured veneer of plausibility.

In 2022 and the West-engineered invasion by the Fire Nation, such efforts at manufacturing consent among the administrative class were simply discarded.

Despite that war had been caculatedly provoked over many years, the economic and financial policies that were stated to be able to destroy the Fire Nation were invented and imposed off-the-cuff, by diktat and without mobilizing consent. 

These policies are so obviously SELF-destructive, that significant portions of The Establishment have broken away from the unity of policy that characterized 2020. Indeed, the FN war is itself a massive scaling back of System ambitions from the whole world to about half of it.

Thus 2022 has been a year of disintegration, destruction, and loss of control.

The public justification has gone from carefully crafted systems of plausible dishonesty; to unconsidered, wild, incoherent and childish lies. From rational propaganda to de facto PSYOPS.

For the credulous Western masses, this marks a shift from docile obedience to a chronic state of stunned bewilderment consequent upon psychological damage.

The PSYOPS is not planned, but a result of the arrogant indifference and laziness of the imposed ruling class, combined with a desire to immiserate, harm and kill.

The world of 2020 was en route to tyranny and slow-mo degradation; but the world of 2022 is falling apart, faster and faster; into selfish, cruel warring factions - and is situated on the cusp of collapse.


Epimetheus said...

I hope the other half can buoy this half until this half is ready to rejoin Reality.

Jake said...

More and more of the world is devolving into chaos, and even wealthier people I know are complaining about inflation and other serious issues, yet... in general, they act as though this is a temporary glitch.
Well, they will soon find out that these dislocations and systemic failures are very systemic and long-lasting.
It's amazing, though, how well the system can insulate the uppper classes from the serious physical effects. As long as they have enough food and shelter and heat and clothing, they evidently plan to ride the system right off the cliff.