Friday 7 October 2022

God is a Being, not an Object: What we term "objects" are actually abstractions

There are no 'objects' (in the usually understood sense) but only Beings (and parts of Beings) on the one hand -- and primordial, unknowable, chaos on the other hand. 

(In other words, that which is not a Being, or of-a-Being - is unknowable.) 

What we think of as 'objects' are actually 'abstractions' - abstractions which exist in the thinking of Beings.

So we can oppose God-as-a-Being, versus God-as-an-Abstraction that has either been derived from our-selves (who are Beings) - or else an abstraction deriving from other Beings. 

God as an Abstraction is wrong, because such a conceptualization does not seek a relationship between Beings; which is what Christians (ought to ) believe. It is confused; because we are first making an abstraction, then trying to relate to that abstraction as if it was a Being... 

But an abstraction is not a viable and relatable Being, but only a model of a Being (simplified, distorted, incomplete). 

Doing this with God is analogous to trying to have a good/ alive/ ongoing personal relationship with your wife while regarding her primarily as 'a woman'; or with your son while he is being considered as essentially 'a son'. 

If we try to relate to (the-Being-of-) God as if he actually, truly was a collection of abstract attributes; then we will Not be able to relate to God as the person, the Being, that God truly is.

Derived from a comment I made at Francis Berger's blog

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