Saturday 1 October 2022

The spirit is awakening around the world

The current 'world situation' is - spiritually - better than I could have wished for two years ago; so my heart tells me (ignoring head pessimism, and gut fears). This will yield great spiritual fruits, I believe... are indeed the product of them. 

Setting aside materialistic criteria, and physical prospects - and trying to stay focused on what heart-thinking says; I feel that the spirit is awakening around the world; that there are more people who are more-clearly recognizing and rejecting the dominant source of organized evil than was the case in 2020. 

"They" control the mainstream narrative more tightly than ever, but that narrative has less and less traction as it become more and more blatantly manipulative and dishonest. "They" are losing control of the world, and of the masses - and, since control is the purpose behind the vast apparatus of world bureaucracy, governments, corporations, churches and the media - therefore "They" are losing the war of the spirit

It is vital to distinguish the physical and material world from the spirit; because - so far as The West is concerned - spiritual victory can only be on the far side of material disaster. That is the corner we are painted-into by bad choices over many decades. 

Our choice is to be enslaved (though-controlled) by The System, or else the collapse of The System; and widespread and extreme physical suffering (or, at least, death). 

The System has been constructed for evil, is very large and complex; thus cannot be reformed and saved, but only destroyed (by some combination of its inherently-fissile, self-loathing nature and externally-imposed pressure).

Either this world will end, or something else will emerge; but what that will be cannot be foreseen, because its nature depends on the motivations of those who build it. 

Indeed, The System will destroy itself for sure; so the real choice is between collapse sooner in the cause of Good; or selfishly staving-off the collapse (for ourselves, at the expense of others) for a little while; at the cost of obedient servility to ever-more-extreme purposive evil.  

Ever more of those inside The System, and who used-to serve its long-term macro-goals (in expectation of long-term reward) are now (already) giving-up on The System; and starting to fight for their own short-term and selfish micro-goals and pleasures.

(Indeed, some who once served The System have repented it, and now speak-out against it; albeit few Westerners, and The Western media will not acknowledge this reality.) 

And because these within-System individuals are by-now deeply corrupted by their chosen and willing service to evil; "They" are getting more impulsively destructive.

(Because, in the extremity of evil, destruction of all that is Good, of God, of creation - is the only 'pleasure' remaining). 

Thus we get (more and more) an attitude of: hit first, and think up an excuse later (or not at all). 

Compare the carefully coordinated and vast exercise in propaganda leading-up-to the events of 2020; with the current wild thrashings and childishly nonsensical lies, value-inversions and violence of 2022 that we see (daily, hourly!) from the Western leadership class! 

Two years ago there were long- and carefully-prepared, deeply-layered, lies; manufactured from 'research' by 'experts' and echoed by all leaders from all around the world...

But now - when we observe "Them" being caught next to smashed widows, standing next to a heap of rocks, and with another ready in the hand; the best rationale "They" can come-up-with is (in essence) to shriek "A naughty boy did it, then ran away!" 

The mask will never come-off altogether - except momentarily, when all control has been lost; but that mask has gotten very thin, and with some gaping holes. 

There are plenty - maybe a majority - of those who will still pretend to see the mask and not the hate-distorted face peeping-through, more visibly each day... 

But the trend towards ever-more people seeing-through to the demon's countenance behind the skin has gained momentum, is accelerating, and will not be now be stoppable. 

The big question of 2022 is: What happens next?

After discerning evil purpose behind The System, what will people do? 

Will they turn to God, which means (in the West) to Jesus Christ? 

Or will they instead despair? 

Upon the answer, hinges the future. 


Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Epimetheus:

"It's interesting that [the Fire Nation leader] identifies his enemies as "The Anglo-Saxons."

"I'm very, very glad that the emerging global government structures ie. WEF, WHO, appear to be irreversibly humbled."

Mia said...

I frequently remind myself that if I can have a spiritual awakening, literally anyone can.

jimmieoakland said...

When you see the utter wickedness and destruction coming from the corridors of power, the halls of academia, and the financial centers of the world, the existence of evil, the demonic, and by reverse implication, God, become more plausible explanations. People are recognizing this.

Laura said...

Perhaps proof of evil is the only ontological proof for God that modern man can accept. I think of the great apologist C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters. Wouldn’t any such book have been out of place in the pre-modern era?

Bruce Charlton said...

@L - As has often been said; the problem is that for the atheist-materialist - there is no real evil.

The nearest idea is someone who deliberately inflicts suffering (of any kind) - but that is incoherent, and cannot be implemented for several reasons. Including that suffering of others is not objective nor measurable/ quantifiable; there are multiple conflicts of interest, because suffering of one person may be alleviated only by increasing the suffering of another. And there is conflict between short and long term priorities. e.g. If all short term suffering is to be avoided, then there would very soon be massively greater long term suffering and societal destruction; but if long term avoidance of suffering is the priority, then this involves massive probabilistic guesswork, and also allows the deliberate infliction of short-term suffering without limit ('the end justifies the means').

I would say that the correct and most coherent definition of evil is that which opposes God - hence The Good and Divine Creation. This divides people into those on the side of God/ Good/ Creation -- and those against God/ Good/ Creation.

Thus modern Godless people can't even understand what evil is, let alone recognize it - and therefore cannot take the side of Good or realize when they are serving the side of evil.