Thursday 20 October 2022

Reality is real because it is divine creation - and we can know reality for the same reason

Reality is (really) real - it is God's creation. Because reality is God's creation, we personally can know it. 

We can know reality because we are Children of God; and share in the divine nature. This means we have qualitatively the same attributes as God - beingness, life, consciousness, and the capacity to create - to generate, originate. 

We are capable of understanding creation because we are not just a part of creation but also share God's potential for 'doing' creation. 

In different words; our understanding of creation derives first from our potential to participate in the ongoing work of creation; and secondly from our ability to perceive this consciously

So, it is because we are not only created beings, but also potential creators with potential for consciousness of our situation, that real knowledge about reality is possible to us.

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