Thursday 6 October 2022

What's wrong with believing liars?

What's wrong with believing liars? 

This is a question that a lot more people - especially Christians, for whom lying is a sin and a mark of sin - ought to be asking themselves. 

We have a Christian duty to disbelieve lies - because lies are not truth; and we must adhere to truth. 

Truth is reality. Christianity is chosen, and how can we choose right if we do not acknowledge reality?

But what does this mean - apart from ourselves not speaking untruths?

How can we know that an assertion is a lie? 

Especially in an ultra-complex world, where we lack direct access to most facts, and are incapable of evaluating them anyway; and where we are so fire-hosed every day with so many assertions that it would be impossible to check even a tithe of them? 

Well, the main thing we need to do in order to avoid believing lies is not to believe liars.

Not, therefore, to believe those who are known to be liars; and have a record of deliberately misleading us; and have not clearly and explicitly repented their lies, untruths, dishonesty and deliberate misleadings.

We are told by Jesus in the Fourth Gospel that the Satan is a liar - indeed the father of lies; which I understand to mean that all who lie are of the devil's party.  

Thus, when we believe a liar, we become responsible for the lies he tells us; and we have thereby have joined the side of evil in the spiritual war of this world. 

It is impossible to detect every specific lie, but it is easy to know a liar!

Indeed, easier now than at any time in history; because everybody in mainstream public life (including Christian church leaders) is a liar and must lie to retain his position; and because the lies told us get bigger and bigger, stupider and stupider, less and less coherent... 

This simple fact will be starkly obvious, if we are ourselves honest. 

So, first we need to be be truthful ourselves; then we can know those who are untruthful; and then it is our duty to disbelieve them.

We must disbelieve them in our hearts; no matter how rich, famous, high in status, expert, or powerful that person - or institution - may be. 

No matter if that liar is a leader of even head of our church, nor if the lie officially comes from the authorities of our church - we must discern and reject the assertions of all known liars; on peril of being seduced to evil.  

Because whenever we believe a liar in our hearts, then our hearts are corrupted by those lies; and we will swiftly find ourselves in alliance with those whose goal is the corruption and damnation of this world and all its people. 

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